Verstappen wins Ferraris!

Verstappen wins Ferraris!

This is the very first time the Miami Grand Prix, the first time since 1984 that the United States has hosted two F1 races in the same year on the calendar. And starting in 2023, we will add the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

Heavy rain came to a screeching halt on Sunday morning, with forecast predicting a 40% risk of rain during the race. The air temperature is 41 ° C, the flight path shows around 39 ° C.

Miami Grand Prix

On the starting grid we see that all the drivers are in the Central tires, Russell in 12th place is on Hard, just like Latifi and Ocon behind the grid. Aston Martin drivers experienced a fuel temperature problem before the grid. Stroll and Vettel started out of the pit hole.

When the lights go out, the beginning is given, is a good start for Leclerc and Verstappen got an opening at Sainz. Pérez is in 4th place ahead of Bottas and Gasly. Hamilton lost the place at the start, he is 8th, Russell on hard tires struggled and lost a few chances, the driver of the Mercedes is 15th.

Fernando Alonso got a few chances, a good starting point for the Alpine driver, without a bit of a scratch on Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes. Starting in the 3rd round, with DRS, Hamilton resumed his quality for Alonso.

Position in round 6: Leclerc, Verstappen, Sainz, Pérez, Bottas, Hamilton, Gasly, Alonso, Norris and Schumacher for the Top 10.. Leader Leclerc had 1.3 against Verstappen, the Dutchman tried to keep up with his opponent. Unfortunately at the end of the 6th round, Alfa Romeo called Zhou back for retirement.

© Scuderia Ferrari

In the 8th round, Verstappen made a leader junction, the Red Bull driver can activate his DRS and at the start of the 9th round, the Dutchman leads down to break the first corner. Leclerc did not give up and remained in the Red Bull series to take advantage of DRS, but it was one Verstappen seat that had the best VMAX. Tsunes will be the first to return to the pits at the end of the 11th round, the Japanese get out of the hard tires and leave dead at last.

At the end of the 12th round, Leclerc misses the brakes in the very last industry and finds himself 2 “5 behind Verstappen. Sainz in third place is 2” behind Leclerc and has 1 “8 above Pérez, Bottas already counts 10” behind of Mexican. Red Bull. Alonso stopped at the end of the 15th round, a station that moves a little further into the Alpine (5 “7), the Spaniard comes out ahead of Aston Martins.

Gasly stops at the next round, just like Albon, the AlphaTauri driver will come out in front of the Spaniard from Alpine. In the lead, Verstappen is 3 “4 ahead of Leclerc, Sainz is also 3” behind his teammate but finds himself being chased by Sergio Pérez who is approaching the DRS area. Coming out of the abyss, Norris finds himself in a battle against Vettel and Magnussen where three friends are approaching the third turn face to face.

© McLaren

Pérez warns his engineer that he is losing strength, despite opposition from him, deaf conversations begin. Norris misses the brakes in the 3rd division and finds himself 16th. For Red Bull, Pérez was stuck with Sainz, the Mexican now blaming the 7 “5 when he was about to launch his DRS against Ferrari. Verstappen set the fastest pace in the race. in 1’33 “193 then Lewis Hamilton. stands at the end of the 22nd cycle.

Leclerc responds to Verstappen in the song using a time of 1’33 “141, which means that the Monegasque driver is preparing his station which he will stop at the end of the 24th round! The Ferrari driver is coming from 4th place behind Pérez. in the holes at the end of lap 26, the station went well (2.4), the Dutchman returned to the song in second place ahead of Pérez.Bottas in his Alfa Romeo also stood at the end of the 26th round.

© Mercedes

And Sainz, who had inherited race control, stood in his hole and stood for a long time (5 “4) against Pérez’s best station at the same time (3” 1). Lap 28 means half, the classifications are as follows: Verstappen, Leclerc, Sainz, Pérez, Russell, Bottas, Hamilton, Ricciardo, Ocon and Gasly for the Top 10. Russell started with hard tires, yet he has not finished his hole. .

A small fight took place on the road between Aston Martins and Haas, Vettel found a way before the Americans in the same seat again passed the German driver. Magnussen is harassed by teammate Schumacher, we are fighting for 12th place! Ahead of the race, Verstappen has 7 “3 at Leclerc, Sainz is 13” behind his leader, Pérez is 5 “behind the final stage of the stage!

© Haas

In lap 35, Magnussen forgets about the brakes, Schumacher takes the opportunity to get a chance, Vettel will also make a poor decision on brakes, Norris raises Aston Martin twice! We study in the sky, and the rain can disrupt these races for about ten minutes. Alonso applied the brakes to the brim in the first corner and hit Gasly on the right rear wheel.

On lap 41, there was communication between Gasly and Norris! The Frenchman was wide in the clearance area, returning to the track, Norris passed him out and grabbed his right rear wheel and entered the rotation, without his tire leaving the edge and going to the center of the track. .

© F1 TV Pro

yes Safety Car got into the song, Russell took the opportunity to dive into the pit, came out 7th, Ocon chose soft tires and returned to the song in 11th place. the front one chose Medium and will end up with cold tires, with three leading in front of him. Alonso received a 5-second penalty following his muscles overtaking Gasly.

Classification under neutralization: Verstappen, Leclerc, Sainz, Pérez, Bottas, Hamilton, Russell, Alonso, Schumacher and Ocon for the Top 10.. The safety car will be removed at the end of lap 46, when Gasly returns to the pits to retire! The race continues againVerstappen slowed down the entire peloton until the last minute, Pérez was already on Sainz’s heels, but the Ferrari driver objected.

© Scuderia Ferrari

With 10 rounds to run, it’s a race again, Pérez and Russell have new Medium tires. DRS still can’t be turned on, it will be on lap 49, drivers are struggling from one trajectory on the track. Pérez activated DRS allows him to come back closer to contact Sainz, but not enough yet to win a chance, Russell harasses Hamilton in turn. Bottas in good taste lose two positions against Mercedes.

Leclerc regained the fastest run in the 1’31 “850 race, Monegasque is in the best position, in the Red Bull series! big against Red Bull which had the best VMAX.At the start of the 52nd round, Pérez plunged into Sainz ‘first corner, locking his wheels, and Sainz crossed the slope to resume his career.

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Leclerc takes full Verstappen mirrors, these two are 4 rounds from the flagged flag! Verstappen recovers faster than 1’31 “456 race, Vettel of war, Schumacher, Ocon will turn into a clash between the two German drivers, with Haas driver pushing Aston Martin on the first brake. Albon won best on Magnussen entering points.In the follow-up, the gap is back over the second between Verstappen and Leclerc, Vettel returned to his hole to break up.

The final round comes when Verstappen has 2.6 over Leclerc, but nothing will bother Max Verstappen’s victory over this first Miami Grand Prix ahead of the two Ferrars of Leclerc and Sainz! Pérez finished in 4th place ahead of two Mercedes Russell and Hamilton Bottas. he made a mistake that cost him 5th place but he finished 7th, Ocon was 8th, with Alonso saving 9th despite his second 5th penalty, Albon scored the final points for Williams.

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