Verstappen, the first winner in history in Miami, with Sainz on stage

Verstappen, the first winner in history in Miami, with Sainz on stage

Three races completed, three victories. Max Verstappen maintains its full potential in 2022, having won the first Miami GP in history, ahead of charles leclerc Y Carlos Sainz.

The Madrid man ended his losing streak in this way, after enduring Sergio Pérez in the final game, which he returned to the drawer. Fernando Alonso he was the protagonist … negative: hit with Pierre Gasley It cost him a penalty that sent him from 8th place to No. 9 last.

Start: Bad Sainz, Good Alonso

Carlos Sainz he relinquished that position Max Verstappen in the first meters, forcing him to go to the attack from the beginning to try to help Charles Leclerc.

It was much better for Fernando Alonsothat with a little touch and Lewis Hamilton included from 11 to 7 (Lance Walk, who started in front, did not exist because he started from pitlane). Although he ended up giving the champion seven times, he made it clear that that could be a race for points.

Leclerc’s lead in the race lasted less than 10 rounds.

Back then, Alonso and Gasly’s 7th place bout was cut short. Asturian saw how his stand, which was the first of the race, was affected by the left rear tire so trying to fight the Frenchman was impossible, at least until the end of the test.

It wasn’t the only problem in the hole: Sainz also cost a few extra seconds for his stand and the advantage he had gained with Pérez in their fourth-place bout was nullified. Although later it was not a different reality, as Red Bull suffered a major setback.

Alonso wakes up from exhaustion

The race entered a very stable stage to be able to talk about the festival. As soon as the sharp tires appeared, the speed of all the drivers slowed down and no one dared to make an attack … until Alonso did so.

The Spaniard was very aggressive as he tried to win a chance from Gasly and when he threw the car at him, since the Frenchman tied him up, they touched. Supervisors did not hesitate: 5 seconds of punishment for the Spaniards.

There was no disturbance. Gasly, who was in front, was touched lando norris and that of McLaren ended up on the wall. The departure of the safety vehicle caused the race behind the safety vehicle to disappear.

This incident caused many drivers to pull off medium or even soft tires. Pérez was one of those who entered the fray for the second half, which blocked not only Sainz’s 3rd place in the final round of the race, but also Leclerc’s 2nd.

Pérez came to throw the car at Sainz, but Mexico came in secret: it was important. With 5 rounds left, that wash caused the Red Bull tires to have a plane that was too bad for their expectations.

In the end, Sainz finished third and Alonso finished 8th, although in 5 seconds added he finished 9. Two more points for the Spaniard, which is twice what he had when he arrived.

Timeline of the Miami Grand Prix Race

Photo: Red Bull Tournament

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