Verstappen has done Max again!

Verstappen has done Max again!

Who would bet a forint (Hungarian currency) on Max Verstappen winning? Dropped to tenth on the grid, we didn’t give much chance of a return to the Hungaroring, but here it is: he’s not a free Champion…

In fact, the Dutch driver was able to rely on his team whose working strategy put his rivals under pressure, first in Ferrari (Leclerc was stopped in the middle to “cover” Verstappen) and successfully in the lower lane in Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes. His talent and skill did the rest, despite the peak spinning on the slippery track, fortunately without consequence.

With an 80 point lead going into the holiday with ten rounds to go, one can only imagine the composure of the title holder. Scuderia Ferrari have shot themselves in the foot again and must ask themselves if they want to realize their potential, while a late return to form for the Silver Arrows has prevented Red Bull from seeing out the second half of the season with confidence.

Behind the top three teams, which are now in the cloth and promise the expected continuation of the championship, the fight continues between McLaren and Alpine, the points obtained by the fighter Lando Norris being equal to those scored by the duo Fernando Alonso / Esteban. Ocon, which allows the French team to take fourth place temporarily.

For the rest, the peloton conceded a lap (and more) to the winner, the final stage going to the extreme position for the veteran at the departure of Sebastian Vettel, as a sign of the end of the career of the German champion. The four weeks now should allow everyone to recharge their batteries before going back to school in what promises to be a tough situation.

Like a full stop for Sebastian Vettel!