Verstappen condemns the burning of Mercedes products by vandals

Verstappen condemns the burning of Mercedes products by vandals

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During the race weekend in Budapest, a video surfaced on social media showing a fan on the track wearing what appears to be orange. Max Verstappen burn the black hat mercedes in System 1.

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It came a few weeks after a similar incident was filmed in a fan zone there Austrian GPwhere violent behavior by fans led F1 to step up security and launch a new campaign called “Drive It Out”.

Verstappen was interviewed on Sunday after his victory in Hungarian GP about the video of fans burning products from Lewis Hamiltonwhich he said was “definitely unacceptable”.

“No, I definitely don’t agree with that because it’s disgusting,” Verstappen said.

“In general I think a lot of fans were very happy, I think throughout the race and also on the podium for all the drivers. I think that’s how it should be.

“Yes, these videos, or videos, of burning products, I find disgusting.”

F1 fans in the pits

Photo by: Mark Sutton / Sports Pictures

Verstappen and Hamilton have been involved in a fierce fight for the 2021 F1 world championship that has spread on social media and witnessed tension between their fans at those events.

At the British GP in July, Verstappen was met with cheers as he lapped during qualifying before being booed during his post-session interview. Although Verstappen ignored it, Hamilton urged the fans to stop, saying, “I think we’re better than that.”

In Austria a week later – a race attended by more than 50,000 Dutch fans supporting Verstappen – there were cheers and boos in the stands as Hamilton crashed out in qualifying, which the Mercedes driver said was “strange”.

Reports of lewd behavior and abuse from fans in Austria have led to the condemnation of F1 drivers and teams, and also prompted F1 to launch its “Drive It Out” campaign aimed at preventing abuse.

The campaign was launched in a video with all the drivers condemning the abusive behavior and responsible for sparking talks between F1 and all race promoters about further measures to ensure the safety of fans at events.