Vandoorne praises Mercedes for rebuilding the car and highlighting the ‘roller coaster’ in NY

Vandoorne praises Mercedes for rebuilding the car and highlighting the ‘roller coaster’ in NY

Vandoorne’s car was rebuilt overnight, and the driver thanked him for the stage work

Photo: Mercedes / Grand Prix


Stoffel Vandoorne had a dream weekend in New York during the Formula E session in Brooklyn. With his title rivals struggling in both races, the Belgian from Mercedes added 30 points on both days to regain the championship lead, bouncing back from the problems in Marrakech – when he managed just four goals.

After the race, Stoffel highlighted the importance of scoring good points in the unpredictable weekend, which ended in race 1 after a potentially damaging total in the rain.

“It’s impressive, another podium this season”, celebrated Vandoorne. “Yes it was a good day in New York and a good weekend in general, so I’m happy with the result, this weekend was flying, especially after yesterday, with a good qualifying, a hard race and a big crash at the end,” he said.

A mysterious crash ended the Formula E race and threatened the safety of everyone in New York (Photo: Hugo Morales)

Vandoorne saw Vergne effectively bid farewell to his championship chances, with the Frenchman leaving the weekend with a clean sheet – for the first time. Edoardo Mortara scored only five points after being penalized in race 1 and not compatible with the car in the classification of race 2, while Mitch Evans was the only one other than Stoffel to get a slightly satisfactory result: he scored zero in the first race, but scored 15. having a Sunday platform.

As a result, Vandoorne regained the lead lost to Mortara in the tournament and still opened up an 11-point lead over the Swiss, who have a five-goal lead over Evans. After Saturday’s disastrous crash, in which Vandoorne hit the cars of Nick Cassidy and Lucas Di Grassi – who were already in the wall – the Belgian took the opportunity to thank Mercedes for the work, which essentially rebuilt the car overnight.

“Then today’s stage after rebuilding the whole car in one night,” he said. “This result is for the team, which did a great job to give me a good car again today, and I am happy to give them this result.”

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