Vafessa Fofana celebrates the extension of his contract with a high-profile match

Vafessa Fofana celebrates the extension of his contract with a high-profile match

Such a long-term commitment is not uncommon in basketball: a permanent career writer, he spent a long time in Pro B (Saint-Vallier, Denain, Nantes) before setting up Betclic ÉLITE in Cholet, Vafessa Fofana (2.00 meters, 29 years old) is now linked with Gravelines-Dunkerque until 2025. Security guarantee for BCM as the Ivory Coast international has a solid season. Whose impact is rarely seen in the statistics, he is certainly respected (6.9 marks in 53%, 4.5 rebounds and 1.9 passes with a 9.8 rating in 24 minutes), he opened the screen Friday at Fos-sur-Mer (20 points at 9/11). , rebounds 9, 3 assists, 1 and 1 interventions against 29 assessments in 33 minutes during 84-76 victory). To the great satisfaction of his trainer, JD Jackson.

“Most of the time, Vafessa is a shadow leader. He fights, he’s a great competitor. I think everyone would rather have Vaf on their team than vice versa. He gives, he gives, he gives … He has an unusual engine. Tonight, he has baskets. lots of opportunities, opportunities, finishing opportunities, which puts him in the spotlight. But he has the same ignorance and the same commitment to protection during every outing. He deserves it (making a match like this, editor’s note). »

With his 29-year estimate, Vafessa Fofana signed his bench match from a statistical point of view, even deleting a seven-year record, when it was set by Denain (28 points against Charleville-Mézières in November 2014). Already fierce earlier this season (with 23 points in 26 minutes against Roanne, his record at Betclic ELITE so far), the former Hyères-Toulon winger was in all good form at Parsemain. “He hurt us a lot,” admitted Bodian Massa. But do not rely on “Vaf of Wrath” to pull the lid on him. When asked about his personal performance in a press conference, he remained very restrained in his remarks, preferring to highlight the northern community.

“I was in motion. I did what I had to do and I succeeded. It is never the same player who emerges from one game to another. We have a lot of attacking players on our team (laughs). One day it could be Jenkins. One day it could be Hill, McCallum, Kadji, etc. Everyone in turn and tonight was me. The main thing was to win. »

Still, by securing the contract of one of Betclic ELITE’s poorest players, BCM Gravelines-Dunkerque signed a good first step in the transfer market.

In Fos-sur-Mer,

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