Used Search: How about a GMC six-wheel drive pickup?  |  Used cars

Used Search: How about a GMC six-wheel drive pickup? | Used cars

Full-size pickup trucks represent the closest you’ll come to owning a small truck. Even more so if it is a two wheel rear model. Fashion is still a fever in the United States, where everyone wants to have a Mack or Peterbilt as a pet. Around here, there is one example or another of the custom-order type available on the used market. This GMC Sierra 1993 case was offered for R$ 89,990 at Mercado Livre. Have you figured it out? It is the second generation version of the Chevrolet Silverado manufactured by the commercial vehicle division of General Motors.

There was power and traction spare. More than just wanting to feel like a truck driver, two-wheeled pickups were designed to overcome the load limitations presented by only two tires. With two extra tires on the back, it is possible to carry a trailer larger than six tons without any problems. In fact, if you ordered one with a short ratio, it can tow up to 7.5 tons. When pulled, it will be more stable. And they are cheaper than making large tires to order, which are prone to hydroplaning and, on top of that, exploding with greater violence. Even if you just want to get attention, see how these forged aluminum wheels will help you.

GMC Sierra 1993 (Photo: Advertising) — Photo: Auto Esporte

The Sierra announced at Mercado Livre, has a 6.5 V8 diesel engine! There is 190 hp and 53 kgfm of torque at 1,700 rpm driven by a five-speed manual gearbox. From the sound of the video published in the ad, only the roar of the eight-cylinder petrol comes out of the exhaust. Up to 100 kilometers per hour, it takes about 9 seconds, so there is a lot of power.

GMC Sierra 1993 (Photo: Advertising) — Photo: Auto Esporte

In addition, it is a durable engine, it will be possible to increase several times the mileage driven so far of 103,000 km. With the car there are spare parts such as an additional injection pump. According to the owner, the diesel gives dividends when filling, it is 7 km per liter in the city and a good 10 km / l on the road. A standard model of 5.7 easily cuts this average in half.

There is air conditioning, hydraulic steering, electric trio, radio communication, among other things. The panel over the box is very different from the Silverado sold in Brazil, only later it will be updated. The price is high for a model of more than 20 years. However, in Ribeirão Preto, where it was announced, a few cargo trucks are to be desired more. In Brazil, these pickups are called filipadas and are traded in the free market.

GMC Sierra 1993 (Photo: Advertising) — Photo: Auto Esporte

Some will also associate the model with the movie Lethal Weapon, where the character Riggs played by Mel Gibson is behind the wheel of a GMC Sierra, or Dually (two-wheel corruption), as the Americans call it. Nothing is more convenient, after all, Riggs lives in a trailer on the beach in Los Angeles. Many, however, remember the car for one particular event. In the second 1989 film, the policeman knocks a house down a mountain after he rams his second-generation pick-up truck into one of the supporting pillars.

The truck in the movie had a big 7.4 V8 gasoline engine, the famous 454 cubic inches. It produced only 230 hp and, despite 55.3 kgfm of torque, took only 1 ton in the bucket. It’s sad for a country where even diesel pickup trucks weigh that much. The announced version, however, is from the 2500 series with a lower weight, 750 kg.

The C (rear-wheel) and K (wheel-drive) generations produced between 1987 and 1998 were further modified. In the 4X2 version, as the model announced, it even had an independent front suspension – to this day RAM is supported on solid axles. In Argentina, only the small Chevrolet Silverado was produced, which arrived in Brazil with 4.1 gasoline and 4.2 turbodiesel engines. In the independent market, it is possible to find GMC Sierras with the same 5.7 engine as the Corvette at a lower price, between R $ 50 and R $ 60 thousand.

GMC Sierra 1993 with six wheels (Photo: Production) — Photo: Auto Esporte