Used cars: If you do not do without these add-ons, you can save a lot

All-wheel drive, GPS, heating seats: Used cars: If you do not do this without these accessories, you can save a lot.

Prices for used cars are very high. Expected vehicles passed quickly. However, you can significantly increase your chances of finding a business by excluding some of the extra when searching.

who a year ago used car he may consider himself fortunate: today he would have to pay an average of 20 percent more for that model. Prices have risen sharply since inflation, supply shortages and material shortages have shaken the market. Because of the next few new cars, the prices of used cars rise sharply. Not only desirable, but also several common models currently changing hands so quickly that as a buyer you have to be very fast so you don’t miss out on the best versions.

Used cars: Selling fast and fast – and more and more expensive

Since car refills are slower than usual due to various disasters, the price increase will not slow down anytime soon. Electric cars are currently well-known for their high gasoline prices, but gasoline and diesel cars are also rising in price – and are basically becoming more and more scarce, with many manufacturers developing fewer and fewer combustion designs. In just a few years, solid, durable diesel without exhaust technology of new Euro 6 standards or six-cylinder high-performance petrol engines have disappeared from the market.

Read the control units, climb the steps: car doctors provide tips on buying a used car

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So if you still want the car of your dreams, you must be fast. To improve your chances, there are a few tricks that the magazine “Auto Verkehr” suggests: With the right search criteria, you can find one or two businesses, or at least increase your chances of getting hit.

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Moving system? Better restore

In the or Autoscout24 search mask, buyers often place additional markings they would like – a navigation system, leather interiors or warm chairs, for example. But then you can miss out on interesting and affordable versions, because all other search hits fall through cracks. “Auto Verkehr” lists examples, quoting data from

  • all wheels: 19.2% of aspiring car buyers mark all four-wheel drive, even if very few need a four-wheel drive in everyday life. “Since SUV-free all-wheel drive SUVs are regularly sold, this search criterion further reduces the selection of used cars in the version.“, according to” Auto Verkehr “.
  • navigation system: More than 18 percent are looking for a used car with a factory-installed delivery system. That doesn’t mean much: “.Ten-year navigation systems often contain older mapping software that cannot be updated. Adjusted navigation system is the best solution“, according to newspaper experts. Otherwise, a good navigation software with a smartphone owner for a few euros in the hardware business, which you hold on the dashboard – for example in a ventilation grille – will do. In cars that still have a DIN component For audio, you can also get a USB connection to the radio with a hands-free Bluetooth system on the car without a factory device (although the sound quality is not particularly good).
  • heating chair: 17% do not want to do without this comfort, although this additional comfort can also be changed.

Low prices and poorly equipped vehicles

Leaving aside these and other extras, not only can you choose from more versions, but you also have the opportunity to lower prices. In fact, greater savings are made if you stop – usually setting automatically – the search criteria for “non-damaged cars”, because then cars with accidental damage are also displayed. If it is minor damage and dents that essentially affect the optics, you can get a business.

But you must take a car specialist with you for a test drive for evaluation. The same applies to vehicles with technical defects. Here you should assume that in addition to the mentioned damage, there are also other problems that run under the metal sheet, often due to lack of maintenance.

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