Used: 5 Mercedes C-Class from €11,990

Used: 5 Mercedes C-Class from €11,990

The star-studded giant ultimately works in a simple way, at least as far as its sedans are concerned: there is the S-Class and all its smaller derivatives. Just look at the latest generations of limousines and C-Class, outside and inside, their design is the same! And if it’s surprising today, This philosophy was already used in previous generations displayed today at attractive prices sometimes on the second-hand market.

Mercedes C-Class, 2011, €11,990

It is true that it is more difficult to see the relationship between class C of 3e generation and the S-Class from that period… On the other hand, The premium philosophy of the manufacturer is still there thanks to the use of quality materials and an impeccable finish on its part. But beware, if this copy is displayed for more than €10,000, it is because it has covered 162,000 km…

Mercedes C-Class station wagon, 2015, €17,990

It should not be forgotten, however, that The C-Class is a model in its own right that has its own characteristics. Unlike the S class, The “small” Mercedes is in the body of a station wagon this article ! It can carry up to 490 liters of cargo with all seats up and over 1,500 liters with all seats down! Do the exercises.

Mercedes C-Class, 2017, €25,590

Like all Mercedes, The C-Class can have an AMG package that boosts its lineup. This article The sedan has everything special body kit fixing its two shields as well as its rocker panels and rims. Touches of ongoing games in the cabin and a flat wheelbut also more covering seats.

Mercedes C-Class, 2018, €37,500

Although this article either the previous generation, its technologies are however very sophisticated. Evidence, it is equipped with a plug-in hybrid engine allow oil to travel about thirty kilometers in 100% electricity. Not a fan of this oil? Mercedes has also added a plug to one of its C-Class diesel engines.

Mercedes C-Class Coupe, 2019, €39,900

In addition to the station wagon board, The C-Class is also available in sporty trim! Under the action and its 4 strong areas, it must be recognized that it is more power, especially when sporting the AMG package like this article.

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