Uruguayan newspaper praises Brazil’s ‘favorite’ team: ‘Soccer playing machine’

Uruguayan newspaper praises Brazil’s ‘favorite’ team: ‘Soccer playing machine’

Photo: Lucas Figueiredo/CBF

If Tite’s team is still facing the lack of trust and confidence of the fans in the country regarding the preparation of the World Cup in Qatar, in foreign newspapers the team led by Neymar is considered the favorite for another world victory. The newspaper El País, in its Uruguayan edition, published an article this Friday praising the history of the national team and pointing it out as one of the favorites to win the title.

“The team is now a well-prepared football machine, with a lot of spare parts if you need them. Brazil continues to produce stars. Today there is no big European team that does not have a Brazilian as a starter. And almost all of them have experience in selection: in the South American qualifiers, Brazil walked and the coach had the luxury of testing the athletes in many sports”, says journalist Luis Prats, who signed the article in El País.

For this World Cup, the daily highlights the continuation of Tite’s career, even after losing in the last World Cup, in the quarter-finals, to Belgium – he joins Zagallo and Telê Santana as the only coaches to lead a team to the World Cup once two in a row. . The integration of work, which completed six years, is one of the differences of Brazil in 2022.

The last world champion teams had this continuity, for several years, in the work of their coaches. Didier Deschamps, champion in 2018 and leading France since 2012, and Joachim Löw, champion in 2014 and who left Germany after 15 years as a coach, experienced what Tite will experience for the first time in Qatar.

Led by Neymar, who is returning to his best form at Paris Saint-Germain, the team led from start to finish in the South American qualifiers. With 40 goals and only five concedings, Brazil qualified undefeated early on.

In addition to Neymar, El País highlights the statistics of the team’s young stars – Vinícius Jr., Raphinha and Lucas Paquetá – and veterans – Thiago Silva and Casemiro. Taken together, these facts explain the favor that the Uruguayan newspaper gives to Brazil.

On the other hand, the Brazilian team has gone 20 years without a world title – the second longest streak in history, behind only the 24 years between the third championship, in 1970, and the fourth, in 1994. painfully in 2006, to France, in 2010, to the Netherlands, and in 2014, a 7-1 scoreline to Germany, marked the end of Brazilian coaches’ cycles.

In the end, the main drawback of the World Cup selection turns out to be a lack of experience with European opponents during the final round. With the start of the League of Nations in Europe, the CBF found it difficult to organize friendly matches during the FIFA dates. Against the opponents of South America, Africa or Asia, Brazil put a great quality. “It would be very interesting to see a fight against England, Germany or France, but for that we will have to wait for the last steps of Qatar”, says the newspaper.

The 2022 World Cup will begin on November 21, with a match between the Netherlands and Senegal. The first match of the Brazilian team, against Serbia, is scheduled for the 24th, at 16:00 (Brasília time), at Estádio Lusail.