Urban passenger transport by electric aircraft

Urban passenger transport by electric aircraft

International Conference September 21 and 22 DGAC, Paris / ENAC, Toulouse

Urban Air Mobility and eVTOL: the future of urban equity?

Many electric vertical take-off and landing (e-VTOL) projects, aimed at the urban air transport market (UAM = Urban Air Mobility) are currently being presented to the public and offer studies on the corresponding infrastructure and regulations. The ambition of the UAM developers is to use the simplicity of electric vehicle deployment to develop a multi-rotor aircraft configuration that can provide urban aviation services with acceptable safety, performance and productivity levels in line with the needs of society for years to come. To achieve this, however, the development of UAM needs to overcome significant technical and economic obstacles.

The purpose of the international conference organized by aeronautics and aviation academye is to bring together key players to assess current progress and identify key steps needed to achieve the deployment of urban air mobility.

This conference is aimed at industrial developers of this new urban transport system, future operators, research organizations, as well as public services and regulatory authorities.

Flight schedule for September 21 & 22

The conference will highlight the expected solutions and progress to be made on the most important aspects of the development of urban air mobility in six sessions that promote exchanges between participants and deal with the following subjects:

• Market, employment conditions and specifications

• Technical solutions for UAM vehicles, drive chain performance

• Airports in urban environments and airports – battery charging

• Noise goals and solutions to achieve them

• Authentication, security, management and automation

• Materials, social and economic aspects of the implementation of UAM

So that the discussion is completely open and the participants can express their vision, their concerns and their feelings, a round table with a session reserved for discussion and exchange will close this event.

Participate in this international event that will bring together all UAM and eVTOL practitioners.

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Optional tours on Friday September 23 in Paris:

optional tour of the Advanced Air Mobility Sandbox between 10 am and 3 pm Pontoise-Cormeilles-en-Vexin Airport. (visit 100 people only).

Groupe ADP and RATP, together with the Île-de-France region, DGAC and with the support of EASA, have joined forces to create the Advanced Air Mobility ecosystem, bringing together leading manufacturers and start-ups. academic and research institutions to cover the entire AAM value chain: from car manufacturers, digital and physical infrastructure, space integration, operations, as well as acceptance and regulation. (To know more about the Paris 2024 project: www.paris2024.org)

In Toulouse: an optional visit to the Ascendance company in the Toulouse IRT premises.

Ascendance eVTOL software presentation, 1:4 wind tunnel test model presentation, hybrid engine test bench presentation.

Official partners of the event:

REGISTRATION : www.academieairespace.com/colloque/

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