Unusual.  An example of the life size of a sports car manufactured … from Lego

Unusual. An example of the life size of a sports car manufactured … from Lego

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of one of its race cars, GR “Supra”, Japanese manufacturer Toyota has partnered with the Lego games brand to bring to life the model of the new generation of the car. , made exclusively from popular building bricks.

It took 477,303 plastic parts and 2,400 hours of welding work to complete this titanic project.

Finally, the fake car, which still weighs 1885 kg – ie heavier than the original one and 1443 kg in version 2.0 – is fully capable of moving thanks to the electric car that drives its wheels, with a top speed of 28 kilometers per hour. . . By comparison, a real one can reach 249 km / h.

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A little performance that didn’t seem to disappoint Lego lovers, who rushed, on social media, to ask where, when and how much this XXL “toy” could be purchased. The brand responded that unfortunately it was not possible to find this unique model, but wanted to be optimistic: “Who knows what our designers will discover in the future?”

In terms of price, a sports car with a metal body would cost, for the price of a phone, a total of 45,000 euros, not more than its plastic twin, which would be worth around 40,000 euros, plus its number.