ULTRA-LUXE caravan for sale!

ULTRA-LUXE caravan for sale!

The Hacienda 1000 TDL from Kabe Imperial is the ultimate luxury caravan! Its price is definitely very high, but its equipment is so complete that you will not miss anything inside.

The Swedish company Kabe, which specializes in the production of luxury caravans and motorhomes, unveils its new masterpiece: Hacienda 1000 TDL. Technological performance available for sale to travel enthusiasts.

Made in Sweden

Kabe has been an institution in the motorhome industry since 1960. Lasting value and one year-round comfort, this is how the company defines itself. Its brand new range of caravans is proof of this. After the “Royal” style, the brand with the red band launches its new creation on the market: Hacienda 1000 TDL. More 2 tons per scale and 11 meters longKabe offers its customers unparalleled luxury here.

But the top row has a price! €150,000 (equipment included), this is the price to pay to enjoy this luxury caravan for modern times. This puts it at the forefront of Europe’s most expensive caravans.

Above the line

If the price of Hacienda 1000 is quite expensive, its justification is explained by high quality interior materials. There are no less than 8 beds, a equipped bathrooma stocked kitchen induction hob and fridgenot forgetting Hi-Fi installation and a sun roof. In total, this caravan offers a living space of 22 m2.

Air-conditioned and insulated, the Hacienda 1000 shows us a new look at camping. Another benefit, and BE license enough to use this impressive machine, unlike some car brands that require a C1 license.

Safety first!

An electronically controlled traction control system provides additional safety on the road. The Hacienda has a longer drawbar, a less rigid frame and 8-ply tires, which also provide more stability.

Whether you are interested in the “Classic” series or a more modern version, Kabe brand caravans guarantee unfailing reliability. Environmentally friendly for 50 years, Swedish caravans will accompany you on new adventures. It still needs to have a car capable of towing this beautiful jewel.

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