UFMG – Federal University of Minas Gerais

UFMG – Federal University of Minas Gerais

The team that represented the University in the national competition in Piracicaba (SP) Image: Tesla UFMG system

Formula Tesla UFMG and Formula SAE UFMG teams, created by undergraduate students from the University, appeared in the 18th Formula SAE Brasil, a national competition that brings together teams from several Brazilian universities. The 2022 edition of the event took place in the first half of August (9 to 15), in Piracicaba (SP). Over the course of six days, thousands of engineering students and other undergraduate students who form teams competed in a competition that involves the construction of a prototype of the system, including the planning, design and verification stage of the project, as well as the operational stage. of the car on the track.

In the track, an electric model that reached 100 in the presentation category
Next, a lightning example that reached 100 in the ‘Presentation’ categoryImage: Tesla UFMG system

Formula Tesla UFMG took 3rd place in the general classification, among 19 teams that presented electric models. Tesla UFMG is made up of 59 students from various University courses, almost all new to the competition. Presentationwhich reached the highest score (100), finishing in first place, and designwhich ranked second.

The current captain of the team, mechanical engineering student of the 7th period Eduardo Henrique Fernandes Fujii, 21, better known to his colleagues as Dudu, was part of the team that participated in Piracicaba and evaluated the results obtained by the team as “excellent”, considering that the participant only one. he already had experience in previous competitions (electrical engineering student Rodolfo Villa Verde, team captain during the conflict).

“It’s always good to show up in the national competition, which brings together teams that build electric models all over Brazil. We did well in the static tests, especially in the presentation category, where our work was classified by the judges as one of the best presentations in the history of the competition . It was also the first time that the team got the highest score in this category, which is the result of a lot of work and the attempt of our whole team to develop and implement innovations”, celebrates Eduardo Fujii.

The good performance in the static tests, however, was not repeated in the dynamic tests, where the team faced several problems, many of them, according to the current captain, due to the inexperience of many members in the competition in this format. . “With the complete change of the team, caused in part by this epidemic, a lot of knowledge was lost, which affected the results of the strength tests. We had some problems, even before the competition, which could have been avoided if the members had more experience”, evaluates Eduardo Fujii .

Still, Fujii evaluates the experience as an improvement and expects better results in the next edition, since many members should continue on the team. “I think one of the main advantages is the experience lived there. I am sure that everyone will take these lessons in life, since a competition like this promotes moments of great unity, where everyone has one direction, which is to make the team perform well”, he analyzes .

combustion prototypes

For the first time, a combustion model completed an enduro in competition
For the first time, a combustion model completed an enduro in competition Photo: System SAE UFMG

The representative of the University in the category of combustion vehicles, the Formula SAE UFMG team, with 44 students, enrolled 20 to participate fully in the competition, all of them being players in the format. In the general classification, the team took sixth place, among the 40 teams registered in the 18th SAE Brasil Formula. The team also won, with the highest score (100), the division Presentation and ranked fourth design.

Another attraction was in the unit enduro, where for the first time in the history of the competition, the UFMG team managed to complete the cycle, finishing in fifth place. According to the mechanical engineering student of the 8th period Lucca Abreu, 23 years old, the captain of Formula SAE UFMG, the results obtained maintain the historical average of the University team in national competitions.

“We were very happy to complete the enduro, which is the race that has the highest scores. It is also the most demanding from the car, with the highest mileage. In the seven years of participation in Formula SAE Brazil, this was the first time that our team completed the race these”, celebrates the captain.

Along with the prototype electric team, Formula SAE also faced problems with the renewal of the team, caused by the departure of former participants during the crisis. “There was no one with previous experience in the competition, so the team was left without a memory of important information for the conflict. We had some problems with the technical inspection, which could have been avoided with experience. As a result, we lost two strong races, which points his can improve our general classification”, evaluates Lucca Abreu.

The team captain assesses the tournament experience as “the richest”. “In an event like this, we communicate with many other teams, and many other students, who are doing similar or even different projects, which provide a lot of learning. The communication with the judges, who are high-level professionals in the engineering field, is satisfying and enriching. It is a process that brings a great maturity to make decisions, and contributes to additional learning that goes beyond what we can get in the course “, he comments.

A fully reformed team represented the University for the first time
A fully reformed team represented the University for the first time Photo: System SAE UFMG

Teams and competitions
Created in 2016, the Tesla UFMG system it is made up of undergraduate students from the University, who work in five areas: Administration, Dynamics, Electricity, Structures and Powertrain. The works are supervised by Professor Braz Cardoso, from the Electrical Engineering Department of the UFMG School of Engineering. Full team results can be consulted in this paper.

THE SAE UFMG system was created in 2008, by students of the mechanical engineering course. The work of the team is supervised by Professor Marco Túlio Corrêa de Faria, from the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the School of Engineering. The full team results are in this paper.

Organized by the Sociedade dos Engenheiros da Mobilidade, the first edition of Formula SAE Brasil took place in 2004. Each year, the competition brings together more than 1,000 students, and the best ranked teams earn the right to represent Brazil in an international competition in the United States. .