Two people have been shot dead by the police within 24 hours

Two people have been shot dead by the police within 24 hours

Two dead drivers, killed by the police in less than twenty-four hours, in Rennes and Nice: the number of consequences for refusing to comply with the law continues to rise, against the backdrop of fierce conflicts over the use of firearms by law enforcement.

In Nice, around noon on Wednesday September 7, a thirty-year-old Tunisian was shot dead in a car that was declared stolen, after being chased by the traffic police for dangerous driving. many city streets. Video footage posted on social media shows the car being pulled onto the highway and blocked by a police car, with lots of smoke coming out. On the driver’s side, a uniformed officer points his gun at the window before firing again. The passenger in the car was arrested.

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He contacted The worldThe prosecutor of Nice, Xavier Bonhomme, notes that “Two investigations have been opened, one, handed over to the security department, against the passenger of the car who was taken into police custody on Wednesday evening and the second one for premeditated murder handed over to the IGPN. [inspection générale de la police nationale]which targets the policeman who fired the shot”. Finally, notes the judge, he was “he was severely affected psychologically and was hospitalized before being placed under police custody”.

On the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, another refusal led to the death of a passenger in a Peugeot 208, after the shooting of an officer from the Research and Intervention Brigade (BRI) of Nantes, during an anti-narcotics operation. The 22-year-old woman was not identified by the court department. He died at 2:15 am, hit in the chest by a bullet that went through the right hand of the driver, a boy four years older than him, known to the police.

Beat with feet

During his initial hearing, the officer who fired the shot said he fired after the Peugeot hit him in the legs as he tried to get out of its way. After one “state” on the morning of September 7, a few hours after the events, the prosecutor’s office of Rennes opened two criminal cases, which include the investigation of drug trafficking: the first, for “intentional violence with weapons by the person in possession. ” of public authority that caused death without the intention of releasing it”, was handed over to the IGPN with the aim of determining the circumstances in which the BRI police were led to target the Peugeot; the second, for the “attempted murder of a person holding public authority”, was assigned to the crime brigade of the police of the court of Rennes and is aimed at the driver of the Peugeot.

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