Try VW Arteon 2.0 TDI and Genesis G70 2.2 D

Try VW Arteon 2.0 TDI and Genesis G70 2.2 D

Avant, Touring, Variant, T-model, SW or Combi are the names of well-known manufacturers that more or less clearly represent the station car group. In the middle class, it is the variants of the VW Arteon travel bag and the new Genesis G70 that write the “Shooting Brake” by their names – though not the two-door coupé station carts (that’s the original definition of the word) and their silhouettes. more suitable for conventional station wagons.

Compared to the Passat variant, Arteon, with its framed doors and smooth back, shows that its designers were not obliged to follow the guiding principle “form follows function” carefully. For the G70, which was designed specifically for Europe, this is evident in the C-windowless windows: instead of relying on the best all-round view, the curved and black-painted rear window is visually enhanced by black. additional parts.

The best leather in Genesis G70

Hans Dieter Seufert

Genesis Interior clearly strikes VW in terms of quality. The leather cover of the comfortable seats also generously covers the door panels.

In addition to the look, Genesis also holds great importance for pleasing haptics. The soft leather, covered in many places, covers not only the seats but also the door panels, the centerpiece and the dashboard section. This makes the cockpit a real attraction, although the buttons and rotation controls look very neat but not elegant. Because that applies to all VW interiors, the G70 Sport Line wins by quality, though it costs around 8,000 euros less for comparable devices.

Despite the face improvements made in late 2020, Arteon remains with a cloud-based rear camera image and head display with expandable plastic panels. Compared to the G70, it also does not have an electrically adjustable steering wheel. However, there is a balance in terms of performance. Starting Marks and three sections of folding rear rear seat including remote openings, compartments under the loading floor, and front passenger seat can be adjusted from all seats using buttons on its backrest. In addition, the speedometer displays a video image of the blind area when the turning signal is on.

Arteon addresses this with a 230 volt connection to the central cone, a three-zone air conditioning system and a loading station. Its storage areas are also much larger, for example 1.5 liter bottles are suitable for front door bags. And although it is a fashion-conscious doctor, it comes with counting net sticks on columns B and C.

The VW Arteon can be a car park

Hans Dieter Seufert

Arteon is 18 cm taller than Genesis. You can see that inside. With 565 liters, the trunk does not have to hide from your station car counterparts.

Basically, Volkswagen is much better at being a station car. Because of the small stem (403 l) of the G70 and its slender bag, this is not difficult at first. But you can easily send an 18 cm tall Arteon with comparable dimensions to conventional station cars and the best bedroom on the back seats and 565 liters of cargo space (Passat: 650 l). Even against those who, at least for the second time, prefer to indulge in sports, because with flexible shock absorbers they are lightly lit and still reach a high level of operational accuracy. Like a front-wheel drive car, it has no slackness in handling it, but it can take steady and very fast currents – like the G70, it is also available for all wheels.

Because the DSG game mode misinterprets “game”, you prefer to shift gears on the ground using the steering pad pads yourself. The 200-liter hp TDI increases the acceleration pressure at the right speed and pushes Arteon out of the field smoothly. folds. In everyday use, however, it is weak during setup and also reacts reluctantly when accelerating from low speeds, which reduces driving comfort.

Start: The best answer, the worst speed

The 2.2-liter with the same power in the G70 performs better, but accelerates slightly weaker at higher speeds and consumes 0.7 liters per 8.0 liters per 100 kilometers. can not be connected to the humidity arrangement due to the lack of individual conditions – if you want, you can click shift paddles here as well. Small torque converter error: In comfort mode, it sometimes vibrates slightly when descending from low revs rising.

Start G70 Shooting Brake

Hans Dieter Seufert

Unlike the VW, Genesis builds the engine in height and this drives the rear wheels with it.

If you reduce the revs on winding roads, the mechanical closure variation greatly emphasizes the G70 rear drive, especially on wet roads. However, the ESP, which can also be turned off, sometimes controls the delay and very severely when the pull control is turned off – but this can be addressed.

The general suspension that is still comfortably simulated is more boiling than that of Arteon, but still allows for some powerful vibrations. This does not ruin the pleasure of driving in any way, but tests of driving dynamics show: slower speed, less stability when changing lanes twice.

Origin: There is no consistent fixed tempo direction

Even at highway speeds, the G70 pilot car does not always run smoothly. From 170, 180 km / h small steering wheel adjustments appear more and more, and in the range of over 200 (Vmax: 225 km / h) it often feels as if the wind is pushing the G70 with slightly longer currents: Then it is necessary to adjust carefully and steering wheel directed to a certain extent.

Really just wind? However, because the driver in the following VW reports a relaxed direction stability. Hmm, the same air pressure? Yes, it fits perfectly. During the test period, it tends to be hot enough to test summer tires – but because the behavior does not change, we can only say: It is never dangerous, but certainly irritating, at least for speed drivers. We therefore distribute negative points for directional stability, but also for proper operation, which reports less feedback than Arteon.

VW: Very touching

VW Arteon Shooting Brake

Hans Dieter Seufert

Normal VW interior with hard operation via touch surfaces and screens. Tip: The smaller infotainment system still comes with real frequency controls, the more expensive it is not always the best.

For his part, he considers comments during the operation to be unnecessary. Select buttons directly on the move screen? to touch. climate control? to touch. steering wheel buttons? Touch to vibrate. It is therefore advisable to avoid large infotainment: The small screen has a low visibility, but has two frequency controls. This simplifies the process, because infotainment is designed to be easy to understand in general. In addition, digital speed offers different performance views, but in order to terminate the phone using the steering wheel, for example, the correct menu must be selected.

Although there is a mobile voice charging feature in Startup, there is no wireless support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. On the other hand, the operation is impressive, because the main functions can be accessed immediately with the automatic selection buttons (map, media, set, favorite) and the weather temperature can be set and rotated. It is a pity, however, that it does not have a rotating GV70 button or a GV80 bezel: both will especially help to select small text lines in the settings menu.

Alternatively, he follows the manufacturer’s concept, which shows only his cars in Munich, but offers test drives across the country. The purchase price includes a five-year warranty including free maintenance (up to 75,000 miles), which Genesis will be picked up and shipped to an independent partner workshop.

This fits the G70’s luxury environment and contributes to a better cost assessment. But that’s not enough for Arteon’s more practical victory – but that doesn’t matter if the Brake Shooting doesn’t have to be a station car.

opinion poll

Genesis. Eventually a person emerges from the normal state of middle class people.

German competition. Then you just know what you have.

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1. VW Arteon SB 2.0 TDI
points 621

It has many Passat usage values, great chassis and a lot of comfort. Weakness to start with heavy unnecessary touch operation as the face lift is irritating.

2. Start G70 SB 2.2D
613 points

Elegant interiors, a great car and a nice driving experience for a small fee – but also a small space and not the stability of the speed direction all the time.

Technical tests

VW Arteon Shooting Brake 2.0 TDI R Line Start G70 Shooting Brake 2.2 D Sport
base price € 51,750 € 46,910
external measurements 4866x1871x1460mm 4685x1850x1400mm
stem volume 565 to 1632 l 403 to 1535 l
shift / engine 1968 cc / cylinder 4 2199 cm³ / cylinder 4
performance 147 kW / 200 hp for 3600 rpm 147 kW / 200 hp at 3800 rpm
high speed 233 km / h 225km / h
0-100km / h 7.7s 7.8s
use 4.6L / 100km 8.0L / 100km
use of the test 7.3L / 100km 8.0L / 100km

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