Toyota recalls new electrics: the wheel may fall off

Toyota recalls new electrics: the wheel may fall off

There are approximately 2,700 units involved

Image: Disclosure

Toyota is carrying out a recall involving the electronics bZ4X. In the United States alone, about 260 vehicles are involved.

The account may reach 2,700 units, according to data provided by the market, as the model is sold in other regions such as Europe and Japan.

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According to the manufacturer, “all wheel hub bolts can be loosened to the point where the wheel can be loosened from the vehicle.”

In a statement issued in the US market, Toyota says that a solution has not yet been found and that it will loan the car free of charge to the owner.

In the United States, the bZ4X is sold from US $ 42,000 (or R $ 220 in direct conversion).


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