Toyota is raising the prices of Corolla and Corolla Cross again

Toyota is raising the prices of Corolla and Corolla Cross again

Toyota again raised the price of the Corolla and Corolla Cross in the domestic market, with increases ranging from R$1,000 to R$1,300 for the mid-size sedan and from R$1,100 to R$1,500 for the mid-size crossover.

The Corolla GLi now starts at BRL 147,790 from BRL 146,790, up BRL 1,000, while the top-selling XEi version rises from BRL 153,190 to BRL 154,190, an increase of BRL 1,100.

In the Altis Premium, the value jumped from R$175,990 to R$177,190, an increase of R$1,200, the same difference being in the Corolla GR-S, which went from R$175,390 to R$176,590.

With the convertible hybrid engine, the Corolla Altis jumped from R$180,790 to R$182,090, up R$1,300, while the Altis Premium went from R$190,490 to R$191,790, an increase of R$1,300.

The Corolla crossover went from R$157,690 to R$158,790, an increase of R$1,100, while the XRE version went from R$171,990 to R$173,190, an increase of R$1,200.

With an increase of BRL 1,300, the GR-S version goes from BRL 190,390 to BRL 191,690, and the hybrid versions start at BRL 200,290 and BRL 208,390, compared to BRL 198,890 and BRL 206,105, respectively.

Equipped with the Dynamic Force 2.0 engine, Corolla and Corolla Cross produce 169 horsepower on gasoline and 177 horsepower on ethanol, both with 21.4 kg.

In addition to the expected dual-injection engine and 10-speed CVT transmission, the duo also has a 1.8-liter hybrid engine and an electric motor capable of reaching a combined 123 horsepower.

Toyota Corolla 2023 and Corolla Cross 2023 – Price

  • Toyota Corolla GLi – BRL 147,790 (before BRL 146,790)
  • Toyota Corolla XEi – BRL 154,290 (from BRL 153,190)
  • Toyota Corolla Altis Premium – R$177,190 (previously R$175,990)
  • Toyota Corolla GR-S – BRL 176,590 (previously BRL 175,390)
  • Toyota Corolla Altis Hybrid – BRL 182,090 (before BRL 180,790)
  • Toyota Corolla Altis Hybrid Premium – R$191,790 (previously R$190,490)
  • Toyota Corolla Cross XR – R$158,790 (previously R$157,690)
  • Toyota Corolla Cross XRE – BRL 173,190 (previously BRL 171,990)
  • Toyota Corolla Cross GR-S – BRL 191,690 (before BRL 190,390)
  • Toyota Corolla Cross XRV Hybrid – BRL 200,290 (previously BRL 198,890)
  • Toyota Corolla Cross XRX Hybrid – BRL 208,390 (previously BRL 206,890)