Toyota involved in massive production fraud?

Toyota involved in massive production fraud?

Hino, 50.1% owned by Toyota, has been accused of lying about the emissions of some of its engines since 2003.

it’s Toyota directly involved in fraud for the production of environmental pollution in the vicinity two decades ? This is what the internal committee of Hino (a company 50.1% owned by the manufacturer founded in 1926) thinks. This committee accuses a company specializing in the construction of trucks and buses to have falsified the production data of some of its engines. This since 2003 !

So Reuters claims that a commission of inquiry was created in 2022. Hino then admitted that he had lied about aspects related to emissions. But also considering fuel consumption of its four engines.

However, this investigation made it possible to know more. Hino has been citing fraud since 2016 and recalled 67,000 vehicles in Japan. But the investigation found solid evidence that this fraud would begin in October 2003. So it can it covers about 300,000 buses and trucks. That’s all.

Is corporate culture in Japan involved in this emissions fraud?

So the survey conducted on the topic was presented at the beginning of August. And it has a surprising conclusion. In fact, he has a reputation reasons for the scandal of… corporate culture. Especially at a time when the atmosphere was unstable in the company. Leadership in Japan is more centralized than in Europe. Interrogating his superiors is not so easy there.

So, the workers did not feel safe psychologically. Engine manufacturers would not be able to do that “challenge” their bossesknowing that the results will not be obtained. Hence this liea company that focuses on schedules rather than using appropriate processes.

Toyota’s president answers

Actions that caused it the disappointment of Toyota’s president. “Bad deeds in Hino have been done betray the trust of customers and other stakeholderssaid Akio Toyoda, in a message read by the president of Hino, during a press conference. I am very sorry for what happened. »

Hino’s boss is on his side he apologized, during the meeting. He guarantees that management will be responsible. A new governance, new measures and certification system should be given.

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