Toyota Hilux is the most stolen in SP in 2022

Toyota Hilux is the most stolen in SP in 2022

Incidents of theft and truck theft have increased by 30.4% in the state, according to the Ituran study.

If The Volkswagen Gol is the most stolen or most stolen car in the state of São Paulo between January and May 2022., the Toyota Hilux was the truck of choice for thieves at that time. According to the survey conducted by the monitoring company Ituran at the request of the website UOL carsthe model was involved in 705 incidents in the first five months of the year (see ranking below).


>> Volkswagen Gol is the most stolen car in SP in 2022

Ituran’s study shows that 2,708 cases were recorded between January and May this year in the state, which represents an increase of 30.4% compared to the 2,076 cases confirmed in the same period in 2021, when the restriction of the movement of people is required. because the epidemic was higher than it is today.

According to information provided by the Public Security Department of São Paulo, Ituran listed the ten most stolen or stolen trucks in the state in the most recent period provided by the agency.

According to the study, pickup trucks five to ten years old were the most targeted by criminals and accounted for 36.9 percent of thefts and robberies in São Paulo. Models with more than ten years of use were in second place, with 27.8% of cases.

Thieves prefer to steal cars

According to the incidents registered in the state of São Paulo involving cars and light commercial vehicles, the investigation shows that 77.3% of them were thefts, while robbery was 22.7% of the cases. In 2021, these numbers were 79.6% and 20.4%, respectively.

“Theft dominates because it is the smallest crime in the Penal Code and it is difficult to prove. Criminals only steal cars that they cannot steal, thanks to embedded technology that prevents this behavior”, explains Rodrigo Boutti, operations manager at Ituran.

The expert says that the preference for theft shows that the car is, in fact, the target of the criminal. Theft, on the other hand, can be motivated by other criminal practices, such as fleeing or giving away property belonging to the owner of the vehicle.

The 10 most stolen or stolen photos in São Paulo in 2022, according to Ituran:

1 – Toyota Hilux (705 theft or robbery)

2 – Volkswagen Saveiro (483 thefts or thefts)

3 – Fiat Strada (400 theft or theft)

4 – Chevrolet Montana (191 thefts or thefts)

5 – Chevrolet S10 – (184 thefts or robberies)

6 – Fiat Toro (183 thefts or thefts)

7 – Mitsubishi L200 – (137 thefts or robberies)

8 – Volkswagen Amarok (95 theft or theft)

9 – Ford Ranger (81 thefts or thefts)

10 – Nissan Frontier (56 thefts or thefts)