Toyota has banned the use of its new bZ4x SUV

Toyota has banned the use of its new bZ4x SUV

Japanese manufacturer Toyota is facing serious reliability concerns about its new SUV, the bZ4X with many upcoming recalls.

Problems are increasing for Toyota and its The new electric SUV, bZ4X. The Japanese manufacturer has recalled many models, and now invites owners to use their car safely. A nervous situation, which destroyed the beginning of the work of the first electric car of the brand.

What is wrong with bZ4X?

While this new Toyota SUV is not easily seen in the Japanese and American markets, he remembers for lack of reliability there are already many. At the end of June, Toyota recalled 2,700 bZ4x models with a major reliability flaw. The wheels separate from the car. A spokesperson for the manufacturer explained specifically “so that after a low mileage, all of the wheel hub bolts on the affected vehicles may loosen to the point where the wheel may separate from the vehicle. If the wheel comes off the vehicle while driving, it can cause loss of vehicle control, increasing the risk of an accident.”.

Toyota also explains this reference covers all geographical areas Where is bZ4X sold? But this reliability problem would only exist in some specific models. Not all vehicles are affected.

Toyota is urging owners not to use their SUVs

In a letter sent to owners of the brand’s new SUV, Toyota explains that this is the case better not to use bZ4X until a solution is found. The letter specifically states the following advice, “We recently issued a call for your Toyota bZ4X. We continue to ask that you do not allow the vehicle to be driven until a solution is found. found ».

The Japanese brand deals several compensations for customers who would be affected. Like a free car loan (with fully paid fuel) and low-cost refills until 2024. Toyota even offers a purchase of the respective vehicles, to avoid too many effects on his image. So the manufacturer shows that “Toyota offers to buy your car” if the conditions recommended by the manufacturer are not suitable.

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Should we be concerned about the models sold on the French market?

bZ4x will be sold from September in France. Currently, certain varieties produced between May and June are involved. Toyota claims that a a solution will be found quickly and customers will be notified. It is important to mention that the electrical power is not affected by this concern for reliability. Therefore, the manufacturer should quickly find a solution regarding the modification of the wheels.

In addition, and if this is not confirmed by the brand, the delivery of the SUV may be slightly delayed until a solution is found. Therefore the models sold recently on the French market are not affected by this design defect.

Still, the brand will have to figure out where the problem is coming from, because Toyota expects a lot from this first electric SUV. A total of 30 electric models will be delivered by 2030.

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