Toyota GR86 caught fire after 4 months in business

Toyota GR86 caught fire after 4 months in business

Toyota is facing major reliability issues with its GR86 sports car. A California resident known as Josh had his copy set on fire while walking it around town. And the worst part is that this is not the first report of a fire involving the Toyota GR86 engine.

Josh took to his Instagram profile to express his anger. According to him, the car stayed for four months at the Japanese brand’s shop and the fire occurred less than a day after returning the car.


As many of you know, my car has been under repair for the past 4 months by @toyotaoforrange. I got it this morning, I’ve had the car for 12 hours. I pulled off the highway to turn into my driveway and it started burning in my face!โ€

The owner did not say what took the Toyota GR86 up to 4 months of repair, and also did not say what caused the fire – perhaps he still does not know the cause. Josh confirmed in one of the comments that he will file a lawsuit against the dealer responsible for the maintenance of the car.

A Toyota USA representative responded to the video saying she would like to speak with Josh to understand more about what happened. “If you have time, please send us a DM. We look forward to speaking with you.โ€

The owner of the Toyota GR86 didn’t seem too happy with the response and said that “If you care enough, you can send me a DM or try contacting me directly.” In addition, he informed that the lawyer will be available for negotiation, as he will go to court against the car manufacturer.

This was not the first case of fire in the Toyota GR86

Although the cause of the car’s burning is still unknown, similar reports have already appeared on the internet. Recently Blake Alvarez also shared his bad experience on social media.

In Alvarez’s case, the gasket material used in the oil sump, entered and blocked the oil in his engine, causing it to break. Other owners have also reported problems similar to Blake’s.

In a note to car covers Toyota said it has no information on the issue to release at this time. And so far, no recalls have been issued for the Toyota GR86.

The problems are not limited to the Toyota sports car. In Brazil, the Corolla Cross SUV is under scrutiny for its lack of quality.

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