Toyota GR Corolla: best sales, image and reliability

Toyota GR Corolla: best sales, image and reliability

On March 31, Toyota launched the all-new GR Corolla. Based on the Corolla hatchback, this sports compact delivers 300 horsepower from a 3-cylinder turbo engine, four-wheel drive with a manually-shiftable power transmission and a six-speed manual transmission.

With such specifications, the GR Corolla comes to play in the flowerbeds of the Golf R, Civic Type R, Hyundai Veloster N/Elantra N (although the latter three use only traction) and the now defunct Subaru TSI.

On the web, enthusiasm for the model is visible, and it is already visible in Toyota dealers. “For the past few days, the phone hasn’t stopped ringing,” said Simon Paivo, sales director at Spinelli Toyota, contacted a few days after launching the car. We have already made several reservations, especially for the Round version. »

“Quebec is an important market for high-performance vehicles. Quebec and Ontario are also expected to be two key markets for the GR Corolla. adds Romaric Lartilleux, director of public relations at Toyota.

Toyota GR Corolla

Achievements that are counted separately

A brand like Toyota doesn’t launch its ultimate high-end sports car economy box to add sales to its order book. Note that the Corolla was the best-selling car in Quebec in 2021 with 11,910 units sold, a staggering 20% ​​more than the 9,877 Honda Civics sold during that period.

“The GR Corolla in particular and the GAZOO Racing brand in general play an important role for Toyota. They confirm our passion for the car, emphasizes Romaric. We strive to reduce our carbon emissions by continuing to electrify our range of cars, but we want to offer more cars that provide joy A great driving experience for true sports enthusiasts. »

This statement clearly shows Toyota’s desire to revive its brand and make it more exciting for consumers. In other words, get rid of the stigma of corolla beige which is still sometimes rooted in the public imagination.

This strategy is not unique to Toyota. In an interview, Cadillac mentioned AutoMedia that it does the same thing by electrifying its lineup while injecting a little fuel into the veins of its fans through its gasoline-powered V models.

Gazoo Racing VS TRD

The difference between GAZOO Racing and TRD

GAZOO Racing includes Toyota’s sports activities and competitions such as WRC, WEC and Dakar. As for GR cars (Supra, 86, Yaris and Corolla), these are international models sold in different regions of the world. All but the Yaris are available in North America.

TRD is a brand used mainly in North America, and mostly in trucks, although there is a Camry TRD V6. There are no global models in TRD colors, but TRD versions of certain models with parts and accessories supplied and certified by Toyota.

Will other GR models be possible in the future, even under the Lexus banner? Xiaomi answers us like this: “Yes, it is reasonable to think that other GR models will be launched in the future. I can’t say if Lexus can be associated with GAZOO Racing in the future. Currently, this brand focuses on Toyota. »

One thing is for sure: with models as aggressive and capable as the GR product line, Toyota does more than pretend to be dedicated to sports enthusiasts. As they say: Boots must follow the chops.

Manual distribution

Currently, the GR86 and GR Corolla are available with a manual gearbox. Currently, the GR Supra can only be offered with an automatic transmission, but that should change soon. “Yes, we saw the GR Supra with its own manual transmission,” revealed a source who did not want to be named.

As for manual transmission, they are preferred by Quebecers, compared to other countries. According to Toyota statistics (which are dated from 2019), here is the percentage of sales of Toyota vehicles with manual transmission.

  1. 3% of Corolla sedans were manual in Canada (5% in Quebec)
  2. 8% of Corolla HBs were manual in Canada (11% in Quebec)
  3. 64% of 86 were guides in Canada (71% in Quebec)
  4. 8% of Tacomas were manual in Canada (4% in Quebec)
  5. Overall, less than 2% of cars sold in Canada were manual (2.5% in Quebec)