Toyota creates layoff plan for factory workers that will be closed in Greater SP

Toyota creates layoff plan for factory workers that will be closed in Greater SP

Toyota reached an agreement that provides payments, starting at 35 permanent salaries, to workers at the São Bernardo do Campo (SP) plant, in the process of closing, who do not want to be transferred to other units of the car manufacturing company in the local area. São Paulo.

For each year of service, the employee will be entitled to an additional salary. So, for example, an employee with ten years in the company can receive 45 salaries (35 salaries plus additional salary for each year worked), plus retirement pay.

Approved this Friday (3) by Toyota workers in a meeting, conditions have been given for the voluntary dismissal program, called PDV, to open next week for factory workers in São Paulo, whose closure is scheduled until November. .for next year.

According to information from the ABC steel workers’ union, the workers who will leave the company will also be guaranteed 12 months of medical treatment, as well as technical courses from Senai and Senac.

For workers who accept the offer to relocate the factories in Sorocaba, Indaiatuba or Porto Feliz, Toyota offers two regular salaries, already at the time of the transfer, plus 2.4 salaries for the change of address, plus a transfer bonus of R $15. k and job stability until November 2026.

Toyota, which employs about 550 people in São Bernardo do Campo, announced in April the closure of the unit, where parts are produced that supply other automakers in Brazil and Argentina. For this, after the closure, the products currently made on the site will be produced in operations in the interior of São Paulo.

The company informed at the time of the announcement that the aim is to increase cooperation between its operations in Brazil to improve competition.

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