Toyota Corolla Cross: controversial exhaust is outdated – 08/11/2022

Toyota Corolla Cross: controversial exhaust is outdated – 08/11/2022

Unity: the exhaust of the Toyota Corolla Cross is bad, strange, as it does not match the design of the product. Of the automaker’s 5,500 employees, maybe 5,499 think like me. The part must be replaced – and as soon as possible.

The words “Cross escape”, a piece that has a nickname of love from the market, should provide a greater protection function for Toyota do Brasil communications. And notice the foot parking brake has already been forgotten for a while.

Faced with the case of the last part of the exhaust system, we asked the CEO of the Latin American brand, Masahiro Inoue, known as Massa san, what he thought.

With extreme Japanese compassion and politeness, the executive admitted with a small smile on his face UOL cars who understands criticism and who will surely change the part in half of a model’s life.

Toyota operates with a commitment to continuous improvement, listening to the customer base and filtering out criticism. And there is a filter, because one of these days we were talking about a multimedia center in a Corolla sedan and finished in the past that imitated a TV tube on the dashboard. They changed and they were fast. It was easy and not directly dependent on Japan for that.

Explaining the best process, not just changing by changing the smoke of the best seller of the brand. There is a matter of engineering, production, and the manufacturer has a deep love relationship with the environment. This became clear when we were at a seminar on Technological Ways held by the car manufacturer at the Sorocaba plant, in the interior of São Paulo.

In it, Toyota describes a bet on a different technology from the hybrid used in the Corolla family with a 1.8 engine. The Japanese, meanwhile, look to the future with models that do not require a charging port, do not rely on a design based on electricity, sockets and chargers.

They also feature a plug-in (a system that will be used in Lexus SUVs) and also address the theme of a hydrogen-powered car, shown in the Mirai. Imagine a big car, like a Camry, dispensing ready-to-drink water through a button on the dashboard. A lot! This is a 100% clean process.

Hydrogen is stored in three tanks and to enter it at 100% it is necessary to have 700 BAR of pressure in the complement of the vessels. A process that guarantees a distance of 600 km. A technology that, working in Brazil, I would have to be grandfathered in first.

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