Toyota confirms the closure of the São Bernardo plant

Toyota confirms the closure of the São Bernardo plant

São Paulo – After almost two months of negotiations and tests, Toyota confirmed to ABC Steel Workers Association which will close its São Bernardo do Campo unit. It is not only the company’s first factory in Brazil, opened in 1962, but the first assembly line built outside of Japan. This unit has about 550 employees. The announcement was made on April 5, surprising mining experts, who received the news in a different direction – the plant was considered to be profitable and profitable.

“After all efforts to maintain the plant in São Bernardo, Toyota confirmed the closure of the unit and permanent negotiations for the plant in the city ended”, blamed the union. According to the president of the organization, Moisés Selerges, the mobilization now aims to ensure better conditions for workers in the process of leaving and transferring operations. “Since the decision of the car company was announced, the union has made every effort to ensure that the company remains in São Bernardo, with the jobs it generates, direct and indirect.”

proposal rejected

Mining experts came to prepare a proposal, including Dieese’s clause in the union, which predicted an agreement for the next three years, but the company’s management did not want to open negotiations. “Unfortunately, as a result of Toyota’s decision, the union will continue to be strong with all its struggles to ensure better conditions for workers who choose to be transferred and for those who, fortunately, decide to leave the company,” added managing director Wellington. The Damascene Messiah.

To try to keep Toyota, union leaders met with the mayor of São Bernardo, Orlando Morando, and the governor of São Paulo, Rodrigo Garcia. He also held talks with technicians from the Government Secretariat for Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation and also with representatives of the Japanese steel workers’ union.

waiting for investment

“The union has been demanding investment from Toyota in São Bernardo all along to ensure the future of the plant, as the company has always said that it is a profitable and productive unit that would be preserved”, noted Wellington. In 2013, for example, the presidents of the unions ABC (Rafael Marques at the time) and Sorocaba (Ademilson Terto da Silva) visited the Toyota factory in Tahara, Japan, and already expressed the need to ensure investment and development of new projects. in Brazil.

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The São Bernardo plant was created by the production of Toyota Bandeirante. For several years now, it has been producing mechanical parts and components in Indaiatuba and Sorocaba (Corolla cars), where the administrative headquarters are located, as well as in Porto Feliz (engine unit).