Toyota bZ4X multimedia system under the magnifying glass

Toyota bZ4X multimedia system under the magnifying glass

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Toyota bZ4X, 100% electric SUV family, the first of its kind for the Japanese manufacturer, includes the most modern multimedia system. Usually on the entry level “Clean”, it measures 8 inches diagonally. From the second level of “Origin” equipment, it occupies the entire surface of its tablet, with a size of 12.3 inches. Fully touchscreen, it can also copy the content of your smartphone, either by cable, especially with Android Auto, or wirelessly, with Apple CarPlay.


Toyota bZ4X (2022)Credit Photo – Auto News

With the dashboard set back, the screen, not too high but enough to read well, is highlighted. As a tablet with very straight corners and a glass covering the display with its glossy black borders, the connection is meant to fit. Only three flat volume buttons intrude discreetly below the lower border, tucked into the climate unit (which houses the dedicated controls whose main adjustment function is the actual triggers). The 8-inch version looks a little better, with wide asymmetrical lines, emphasizing the feeling of a small display, and a rotary volume knob in its lower left corner that protrudes from this smooth surface. This plays on the modern state of the general atmosphere, because of the central part of the system in the cabin. A large version is not available as an option, it is better to prefer at least a medium finish to take advantage of it.

The 7-inch instrument screen behind the steering wheel, in the upper position, displays all kinds of information like a conventional on-board computer, including navigation direction indicators.

Use it

Toyota bZ4X (2022)

Toyota bZ4X (2022)Credit Photo – Auto News

On its larger display, where each menu is displayed larger, with a reduced number of function commands and pushed back to the corners for navigation, the readability is better. Pleasant pictures and soft, light colors also contribute to this. The main quick access features are grouped together in a narrow strip on the left, over the entire height of the bar, with icons corresponding to navigation, radio/music, phone, vehicle information, connected apps and settings.

A sub-menu unfolds from the left side of the screen, with information appearing in the remaining two-thirds to the right. There’s no latency to be upset about, whether it’s navigating through functions or navigating a GPS map. The show follows without a dead time. The voice command button remains highlighted in the lower left corner, regardless of the menu you are in. However, his understanding of oral prayers could be improved.

There is nothing difficult to start, the organization is simple and rather logical to quickly find the necessary parameters. Nothing fancy but a pleasant interface without surprises. We would have appreciated the presence of some additional payment-related features, such as a trip planner, which is missing here.


Toyota bZ4X (2022)

Toyota bZ4X (2022)Credit Photo – Auto News


9/10: The simple graphics certainly help with the snappy display, but you’d have to ask a lot to fault the balance of this system.

Menu organization

10/10: One logic, from left to right, from the most general to the most specific and without too many functions for an intuitive system to start with.


9/10: Neat lines, clear and space-saving icons, everything looks simple. The design of the card is modern and refined, although it does not seek the truth of the image, apart from any fantasy or type of color.


8/10: Its operation does not require physical remote controls and the screen is self-contained, but voice command could be more effective.

Balance sheet

Toyota bZ4X (2022)

Toyota bZ4X (2022)Credit Photo – Auto News

If you choose its wider version, 12.3″, this “Toyota Smart Connect” system no longer looks like a fully functional add-on like it did in recent Toyotas.

More elegant and benefiting from a good transparency in use, there is nothing original in its shape or its graphics nor particularly creative but it does its job effectively.

Its relationship with this first 100% electric car in the range would be worth the addition of special functions such as a trip planner to avoid the need for additional software.

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Integration in the first 100% electric SUV from Toyota, used by the driver and information from the editorial staff of Autonews: discover the multimedia system of the Toyota bZ4X from our test writer.

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