Toyota announces its version of the Toro for the United States

Toyota announces its version of the Toro for the United States

Toyota is working on a mid-size pickup, like the Fiat Toro, to compete with the Ford Maverick, the Baby Hilux. The Japanese, like many brands operating in the United States, were surprised by the success of the Blue Oval model.

Issuing the “letter” was Toyota’s North American Vice President of Sales, Bob Carter. The executive also gave details on the Baby Hilux, which will be released on the regular TGNA platform.


It is the same base that the brand uses to assemble the Corolla and Corolla Cross SUV. Therefore, it is already possible to bet that the pickup will have a hybrid option with 4×4 traction, just like the utility version produced in Uncle Sam’s country.

Calves in Toro pasture

While the Toro dominates the pickup market here in the United States (where it’s quoted for sale as the Ram 1000), the mid-range is dominated by the Maverick and the Hyundai Santa Cruz. Two recent species that have ventured into places that were unimaginable there a few years ago.

The Fiat Toro has become a leader among midsize and midsize models (Photo: Fiat | Disclosure)

And the proposal is so promising that, there, Volkswagen announced the Scout. The model should arrive in 2026, with the boxy shape of the Ford Bronco, including an SUV version.

Baby Hilux in the oven

And Toyota’s arguments to produce a Toro spinoff are fair in numbers. The Maverick was the fourth best-selling pickup in the first quarter of 2022, with 19,245 units sold. It competes in a small niche that also includes the average.

ford maverick hybrid xlt 73
The Ford Maverick was the fourth best-selling pickup in the first quarter of 2022 in the US (Image: Ford | Disclosure)

The model outsold its sister Ranger, which registered 17,639 units. And considering the good performance that Toyota has in the “compact” sector, in which Tacoma (Hilux’s cousin) is the sales leader, with 53,000 licenses, Baby Hilux can be successful.

What is not yet known is what Toyota’s future dealership operations will look like. There, the brand has a range of engines, from the Corolla’s duo hybrid set to larger units, such as the 2.0 and 2.5 four-cylinder blocks, as well as the Camry’s 3.5 V6.

Toyota Compact

Toyota already sells small pickup trucks in the United States. When it launched, the Toyota Pickup (we call it the Hilux around here) had shorter dimensions, like the original Chevrolet S10 and the Ford Ranger and Dodge D100.

toyota pickup 1984 white single cab
The first generation Hilux, which was sold in the US only as a Pickup, was smaller than the Toro (Photo: Creative Commons)

This truck was smaller than the Fiat Toro (4.91 m), with a length of 4.43 cm and a 2.61 in wheelbase. It was sold in 4×2 and 4×2 versions, with a two-wheel drive version with lower suspension.

A “short” version of the Hilux was sold in Brazil in the 1990s, shortly after the opening of imports.

Judges in Brazil

Here, the segment is occupied by Toro and its companions, Maverick and Renault Oroch. Next year the arrival of the Chevrolet Montana is planned and for 2025 the debut of the Volkswagen Tarok, which has been hard in the oven since 2018.

If the baby Hilux gets here, it could be the end of the Italian’s reign. That is because the Japanese is the unshakable leader among the people who use the Hilux route, which is imported from Argentina and enjoys a unique respect in the market.

It is a car that could be manufactured locally, as Toyota already has an assembly line to assemble the pickup, in the interior of São Paulo.

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