Toulouse: gun butts and gunfire attempt to steal a Mercedes convertible

Toulouse: gun butts and gunfire attempt to steal a Mercedes convertible

In the city of Toulouse, a young man tried to steal a Mercedes Cabriolet by shooting in the air and hitting the driver of the car with the butt of his gun. This 18-year-old Landais was arrested. He will be sentenced on Monday August 29 as part of a one-time appearance procedure.

So young people are already very bright. The 18-year-old, who lives in Mont-de-Marsan was passing through Toulouse this weekend. On Friday evening, he had taken it upon himself to commit a carjacking with a pistol. His target: a couple, the owner of a Mercedes convertible. We are on the Quai Tounis in the center of Toulouse. It’s almost midnight. The handsome German’s driver has just parked and the couple are quietly returning to their nearby home. They are approached by this young man, immediately very bright. He pulls out his gun and points it at the couple. He demands that they give him the keys to the race car. He receives a thorough refusal.

A weapon thrown into the Garonne

Frustrated and angry, the young man, who is already notorious to the police, fired several shots in the air and hit the owner of the cabriolet in the forehead. Fortunately, municipal police personnel arrive very quickly on the spot, rescue the victims and rush to arrest the young man. The child does not let go and slightly injures one of the agents. Then it’s fast with the police.

Before the arrival of the police, he still had time to swing his weapon on the Garonne. He is taken to the main police station. He is then taken into custody. During his hearing, he told the investigators, although he did not have the permit, that he only wanted to take the convertible for a ride. He assures them that the gun he used to commit his crime is an unusual pistol bought on the Internet… It cannot be verified as it is under the river. Don’t worry: legally, the seriousness of the offense remains the same whether the weapon is real or not. Young Landais was brought before the public prosecutor and will be sentenced on Monday as part of a one-time appearance procedure for this attempt to steal a car and injure the owner of the car and a municipal police officer.