Toto Wolff talks about Alonso insulting Hamilton

Toto Wolff talks about Alonso insulting Hamilton

Credit: Reproduction/ReadSector

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff said Lewis Hamilton’s record in formula 1 he explains himself after the seven-time champion heard Fernando Alonso call him a ‘fool’ due to an incident made by a Belgian doctor.

The Spaniard, via team radio, expressed his anger at Hamilton after they collided on the first lap of Spa. Later, Brit claimed that he almost broke his back. In addition, Alonso also said that his former McLaren F1 teammate “only knows how to drive and start first”.

Although the stewards chose to take no action, declaring it a first-round incident, Hamilton later took the blame. And Wolff, asked about Alonso’s comments, naturally defended his pilot. “Well, Lewis won seven F1 world championships; so, one way or another, the strategy worked,” he said.

Alonso then stood by his words and agreed with the stewards that it was a racing incident. Despite this, he believes Hamilton had his share of the blame, due to the way he defended himself.

Wolff assesses Mercedes F1’s performance at the Belgian GP

Following Mercedes’ F1 weekend performance at Spa-Francorchamps, Wolff thinks there are now “big question marks” about the car and its steering. Saturday’s poor qualifying result prompted Hamilton to claim the car was “much worse” than he expected. For Brit it was like dragging a parachute.

However, after Hamilton retired, Mercedes at least salvaged something from their weekend with George Russell’s fourth place finish. Furthermore, calling the qualifiers a “disaster”, Wolff did not understand why the car was three seconds faster than the Alpine or McLaren during the race.

“There are big question marks about what’s going on. That’s where we should have the structure and the knowledge to understand the race car, but not this,” added the Mercedes F1 boss.

“We still have the will to win the race. formula 1 this year. If I had said that in Budapest, you would have said, ‘Well, that is quite possible’; but today I say I look stupid”, concluded Toto Wolff.