“Today’s game against DWG KIA was very important”

“Today’s game against DWG KIA was very important”

Liiv SANDBOX won 2-0 against DWG KIA, qualifying for the LCK 2022 Summer Division playoffs. After the game, head coach Kim “Micro” Mok-kyoung went to answer media questions news in the traditional post-match interview. .

What do you think of tonight’s clear win against DWG KIA?

Tonight’s game was very important, so we put a lot of effort into our preparations. Not only was tonight’s game decisive for 3rd place, but the summer split the playoffs and regional qualifiers. [Worlds] To say the least, our W/L record against DWG KIA was pretty bad, so we worked really hard to win tonight. With Prince infected with COVID, we were unable to practice as a team, but our coaching staff worked harder on the draft without him. Tonight’s win is more important than others.

What do you think were the reasons for tonight’s victory, especially against DWG KIA, a team that LSB has been fighting against for a long time?

The fact that their replacement support, Bible, debuted at DWG KIA tonight is undoubtedly one of the reasons. I think a lot of credit goes to our players who worked hard tonight. They have shown intensity in their games against DWG KIA in the past, but not tonight. They also executed well the things we had prepared tonight, so I’m very pleased with the way they played.

In a previous interview, you said that LSB will beat all teams except T1-Gen.G-DWG KIA in the first round, and the team will beat at least one of the three teams mentioned above in the second round. Now that you’ve reached that goal, what’s next for the team?

Our goal for the Summer Split is to go to the World Championships, and we have been working hard to achieve that since the season started. To go to the world championships, we have to be ranked well in the regional qualifiers, so the goal was to go to the playoffs. Playoffs and regional qualifiers are two things we are looking at right now.

Since your time at DWG KIA, “courage” has been a key word used to describe the teams you have coached. For you, what does it mean for the team to be “bold”?

For me, the most important thing is decision. The decision to attack depends on the decision of the players. For this, the players must receive instructions on the type of decisions they are required to make, which means they must know how to create an environment for making these decisions during the game. our players.

Liiv SANDBOX always becomes the strongest team during the Summer division. What’s the secret?

I think it is necessary. What I wanted from the beginning of the year was not to give results to new players. We were able to get good results in the Summer Split last year because we had a lot of players from the previous year who stayed with the team; to get results this year with new players, we needed time. Reaching the Spring Split with players who have less than one year of professional experience is a harder goal to achieve than going to the World Championships.

That’s why I try to give the players a vision. Although people may have seen us as a weak team during the Spring Split, I always tell them to ignore all of that because our players set their sights high. Proving yourself is the goal of the Summer Split. I talk a lot about this with the players. At the moment their desire to win is very high, and we all worked hard to aim at the same goals, that’s why we can get good results in this division.

One of the major changes made to the coaching staff is the arrival of PawN as the center position coach. How did he improve Clozer’s game?

I have thought a lot about the effectiveness of the position coach. I came to the conclusion that if we were to use a former world champion, he would be very different from an average position coach. If he can teach Clozer his vast knowledge and experience, I think Clozer will learn many things he never knew before and grow as a player.

In this process, Coach Joker also supervised his training, and therefore I think he played an important role in Clozer’s growth as well.

Finally, is there anything you would like to say?

I want to thank all our fans, especially those who have supported us since the spring split. Thanks to them, we got the right motivation to do well in this division. I also want to thank Prince for his performance despite his illness. Finally, I think the main reason for our victory tonight is due to the hard work of Coach Joker, so I want to thank him as well.

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