To invest in electric vehicles, global Ford will cut up to 8,000 jobs and shut down businesses.

To invest in electric vehicles, global Ford will cut up to 8,000 jobs and shut down businesses.

Ford manufacturing unit Photo: Disclosure/Camaçari

Global Ford is fully focused on achieving a good position in the electric vehicle market and for this the manufacturer will cut thousands of employees and order the end of the sales force, changing its business model to online sales.

Several car manufacturers are considering their investments in electric mobility and adjusting their strategies. A major demonstration of this movement is the case of the international Ford, which focuses its efforts on this transition and, in order to achieve a high position in the electric car market, may lay off thousands of workers.

Ford could lay off 8,000 workers

The global company’s alleged plans to step down to focus on electric cars were revealed by TR Reidthe company’s spokesperson, in his statement earlier this week.

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To deliver its Ford+ transformation and lead this new era of electrified and connected vehicles, the global company remains focused on restructuring and modernizing its organization across all automotive business units across the company.

According to the source, Ford has set clear goals to reduce costs to ensure that it is lean and fully competitive in the electric vehicle industry. According to Bloomber News, The North American automaker is preparing to lay off up to 8,000 workers over the next few weeks.

In February, CEO Jim Farley had already commented during a meeting that Ford’s global problem was structural, given that there were many people. Layoffs are expected in Ford’s salaried workforce, as well as in the Ford Blue division, created in March and dedicated to overseeing the company’s internal combustion engine operations.

International wants to make 600 thousand electric cars

The German Reuters agency adds that the details regarding the dismissal of the workers are not yet closed and that, until then, they can change. Still, it is understood that it will be implemented in phases, with the first scheduled for this summer.

Although a spokesman for the global company Ford has indicated that the company will not comment on the rumors, it is known that the conference call is scheduled to inform investors about the manufacturer’s plans to produce 600,000 electric vehicles a year by 2023, and more than 2. million by the end of 2026.

In June, Ford’s CEO announced that the next global electric cars will be sold online only, at non-negotiable prices, making sales and dealer margins impossible.

In the United States, it is very common for dealers to charge their customers a large sum of money for the price of a car set by the manufacturer. Although it is not something they particularly like, there is nothing they can do to stop it.

End of sale: Ford will sell electric cars only online

Because of this possibility associated with marketing, the CEO of the global company announced that the next electric cars will be sold exclusively online and the price will not be negotiable.

According to Farley, it is important to go for non-negotiable prices, it is important to be completely online, no stock and the car goes directly to the customer.

Collection and delivery will be completely remote. The executive says he thinks all of his stores can do that, but the new rules will be draconian and very different from what’s in place today.

In addition to Ford, other automakers have already decided to switch their sales to the Internet, doing it directly with customers and leaving physical stores aside, leading to the dismissal of thousands of workers. Examples of this change are Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Volkswagen and others.

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