To escape the fire, he goes to the side of the road!

To escape the fire, he goes to the side of the road!

In Australia, this driver certainly saved time behind the wheel of his Toyota pick-up. And the least we can say is that he did it in an unusual way! But it’s not quite legal…

Indeed, we see everything and anything on the road around the world… For once, there is no question of heading to the US, on the contrary, we are heading to the other side of the world! In Australia also, road users are sometimes crazy… This is exactly the case with this driver and his pick-up who found an amazing way to avoid the traffic light!

He passes … on the side of the road!

While at the wheel of his Toyota Hilux, This Australian is positioned right on the side of the road to avoid red lights! When a small line of cars starts to stop at the intersection, he turns left as if nothing happened, goes up the side of the road, passes the red light and goes down a few more meters! Mind blowing! Lucky for him he was driving a 4×4 that doesn’t care about curbs…

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Totally illegal!

Are you late or enjoying the gallery? There’s always that His sign is completely illegal and dangerous! In fact, a car, like a motorcycle, has no place in an environment reserved for pedestrians. In France, driving on the side of the road is a fourth degree misdemeanor resulting in a okay variable from 135 € to 750 € and the possibility of withdrawing 6 points on the driving license! Perhaps therefore it is better to leave it to passers-by…

Check out the video of this Aussie dodging a traffic light by going on the side of the road below:

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