To better calculate the autonomy of its cars, Tesla considers impossible data

To better calculate the autonomy of its cars, Tesla considers impossible data

As always, Tesla releases new updates and brings its share of new services. In the source code was found information that should allow better prediction of the rest of the range, using many new variables.

The concern of seeing its autonomy evaporate faster than expected is real for long trips in electric vehicles, and Tesla seems to be doing everything to avoid this situation. Indeed, the source code of the 2022.20.7 update shows some new features that will improve the fuel consumption and prediction of various vehicle types.

Tire pressure, air density, smartphone charging: everything will be taken into account

Currently, the prediction of the remaining battery percentage upon arrival from a Tesla ride takes into account different factors to improve the estimate. The road profile and speed limits in particular are among the most influencing factors, and of course they are integrated into the calculations when the trip is planned.

Recently, we reported to you that the weather will be observed more accurately, but this time Tesla seems to have decided to go further. A famous hacker green on Twitter It was noted that not only the measured tire pressure will be considered for the remaining calculation of the column, but this will be added. air pressure, battery heating and cooling, or energy lost when charging devices (smartphone or 12 volt socket).

let’s remember that the bigger the tires, the less energy the car uses. On the other hand, comfort has dropped. Thus, on Twitter, Elon Musk suggests deflating the Model 3 tires by around 10% for more comfort. The loss of freedom will be about 2% according to the billionaire.

We will then be able to see in the coming weeks when the update goes live whether or not the estimated usage during long journeys will be more accurate, but that is in any case promised. It is true that depending on the weather and other important factors, there may be a difference between what the on-board computer showed and the actual situation once you travel a few tens of kilometers. But it is true above all in one sense: the Tesla is more ambitious than optimistic, to avoid running out of electrons on the side of the road..

This is especially important during a charging stop when you want to improve your time spent at a charging station, as it is very quick to charge a small charger and arrive almost empty at the next charger. With this improvement, planning will therefore be more accurate, hopefully arriving in time for the big departure next summer.

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