Tires, fuel, spare parts: drivers expect a new price shock

Companies stock parts: tires, fuel, spare parts: drivers expect a new price shock

Should you store car tires when even the black carbon for tire manufacturing is running out? Drivers must at least expect some parts to be scarce – and certainly more expensive.

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The collapse of supply chains due to lack of raw materials, corona measures and the recent war in Ukraine have made it clear to consumers what dependence is hidden there. It is still clear that without gas, the industry would have very little electricity. But until a few months ago, who knew that diesel trucks could stop if very little ammonia was released? This is required for cleaning the exhaust gas with “AdBlue”.

Car tires can be few due to lack of soot

There is something new right now: Car tires may also be scarce because some raw materials are missing: soot. The car tire contains three kilograms of soot, which is also known as “carbon black”, which is a manufactured product. And much of it has so far come from Ukraine.

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So now the “so-called crisis” threatens: “Although there are many other countries that produce carbon black, more than all China and India, supply chains cannot be changed immediately. According to the German football industry trade union, production methods have already been suspended in France and Italy due to a lack of black carbon. Industry in the eastern EU countries could follow soon“, reports “Standard” from Austria.

Price increase in two digits

If you need new tires, you should not just expect a price increase. They are sure to come: Michelin, for example, announced the increase as early as April 1, other producers have already submitted or will follow suit. Some of these are a two-digit percentage increase. It is also possible that certain tire sizes are not available at all because of production and delivery restrictions.

Is it dangerous?

Hamstering tires make sense to a lesser degree

Picking up the tires now has only a small meaning: the ball undergoes a natural aging process. Even unused tires eventually become hard and brittle and can no longer be used. But if you already know that your rubber will last only one season, you may prefer to arrange the exchange sooner rather than later.

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There will also be restrictions on price increases for spare parts and consumer goods such as motor fuel, reports “Automobilwoche”. “Prices are not just rising new and used cars, but they are also gaining momentum in some cases in the aftermarket. In the past year alone, BMW has tripled the price of parts. Overall, they increased by more than ten percent“, according to the journal.

Parts prices go up for new and used cars

Ifo Institute confirms that many companies intend to increase prices. Companies plan price increases, mainly wholesale (79.3 points) and retail (75.4 points); The last two also include the automotive industry.

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Motorists must keep in mind that price increases always have a negative effect on the supply of available products. When the increase comes – the food and butter trade, the price of milk or meat may be an example – it suddenly becomes more expensive overnight, if in doubt.

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Business buys in stock

One effect of this development is that companies currently store spare parts and spare parts. “Automobilwoche” quotes Markus Winter, CEO of online retailer kfzteile24: “In particular March, our commercial customers ordered more. According to our estimates, most customers saved the product and bought it in advance. “

In their own interests, companies will ensure that buyers do not find themselves in front of an empty shelf. The feared shortage of AdBlue diesel add-ons has not yet occurred. However, just because the truck industry took big steps to ensure that production was boosted – they concluded an agreement with one of the largest ammonia producers. Diesel extensions were still the most expensive.

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