Tire change 2022, tips, savings, online shopping

Tire change 2022, tips, savings, online shopping

May 15 is now less and less, or time summer tires instead of the winter ones. Changes that, it should be remembered, are only necessary if winter tires have a speed code less than the one reported in the booklet, but the advice is to do it regardless. In fact, at higher temperatures, heat exchangers do not work better, extend stop distance, increase fuel consumption and production and wear faster.

If you have not already done so then it is time to repair tire change and if your summer is over, here are some tips on how and where to buy a new one.

All online

To do this we rely on eBay, where you can find all kinds of tires, from premium products to cheap products, through a variety of products that can meet the needs of all kinds of drivers. Before making a purchase, however, it is advisable to consider the dimensions of your rims, indicated on the vehicle registration document in the third quadrant, where the approved tires are listed.

Once the check is done you can connect to eBay page dedicated to tires and select “Summer tire” in the menu on the right, to remove the winter tires from the list. The following is a list of available brands and sizes, a menu showing a wide range of prices for which you would like to stay and choose the type of purchase.

On another eBay in fact you can participate in online auctionsmake an offer in the hope of getting better, or make a direct purchase. No matter what type of purchase you want to make, there are summer tires for all budgets, starting price (even better) less than 65 euros per “piece”where manufactured tires are also often included, an economical solution but nevertheless constrained, first and foremost in time. Reusable car tires in fact they do not guarantee the same distance as the new ones. Then there is the issue of noise, often too high due to the existence of the so-called “welding area”, which is compatible – even if not in a clear and dangerous way – also holding the road.

To identify recycled tires you should look at the shoulder, where the founders can be found.

Some also prefer to have summer and winter tires mounted on special rims, in order to be able to carry out replacement in a “do it yourself” mode or reduce the technical times for the tire dealer. In this case it will be necessary buy a second set of rimsin metal or alloys, it also depends on how much you want to use, which usually respects what is reported in the booklet.

All together

Some vendors then allow you to repair delivery of new summer tires directly to the workshop, where they will be assembled after payment of services. Just enter your postal code to get a list of vendors implementing this service.

A service that also depends on syncing and connectivity, functions that only professionals can perform.

Necessary equipment

Coming back to the starting point, how do you know if our tires will be discarded or not? First and foremost it is important to do a visual inspection, to make sure there are no bumps on the shoulder and tread. Trampling should also be considered about the depth which, by law, must not be less than 1.6 mm. To prove it you can use a special measurement, preferably digital.

Then there are the other essential tools, as an extra wheel, an emergency tool in case of burns. The advantage is that it takes up little space in less than twice the boot, but you have to be careful because once assembled you cannot exceed a top speed of 80 km / h.


As mentioned, for changing tires you can choose whether to take them to your home or workshop (where the service is available) at a time that varies from vendor to retailer. About Payment eBay accepts a variety of credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay or Google Pay but, again, depends on the seller.

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