This season’s race where Ferrari stupidly let the points slip away

This season’s race where Ferrari stupidly let the points slip away

511 vs. 376. 310 and 201 vs. 201 and 175. These are the gaps that separate Red Bull from Ferrari and their respective drivers. If the Austrian team dominates the competition with anger and debate from a mathematical point of view, this is not true at the technical level to see again on Saturday, qualifying with the smallest gap between the two drivers of the opposing teams in the season. : 21 thousandths of a second. So it was their main rival, Ferrari, who lost a lot of points.

Since the start of the season, the Scuderia has been making mistakes in the pits and has not been spared from technical problems. While Red Bull was beaten early, confidence has improved and it seems to be on their side. In Spain, Ferrari lost first place (25 points) due to an engine failure. In Azerbaijan, both cars had to be retired. With Charles Leclerc leading and Carlos Sainz fourth, 37 units may have flown to Baku.

Strategies and mistakes on the track

But, reliability is not the only downfall. Pilots also made mistakes. Charles Leclerc loses his fight against Sergio Perez for second place and finishes sixth (he has lost 10 points). Carlos Sainz, made a mistake at the start of the race because Daniel Ricciardo could have finished in the top 5 (possibility of another 10 divisions). In Australia, the Spaniard pulled away, this time alone on the gravel after a difficult first lap with his tyres. At the beginning, nine, he lost important points. In France, the Monegasque, a bold leader in front of the public won because of him, lost control of one of his chairs and ended up in a tire wall and had to throw in the towel.

The team also does not exist for free. When strictly in the pits, the strategists and technicians made a series of mistakes. Already, in Monaco, Charles Leclerc loses a possible victory because of a dubious strategy (he finishes fourth so a possibility of 13 units). In England, the Scuderia brought Carlos Sainz on new tires at the end of the race and not Leclerc. With worn tires, he can do nothing and miss a possible second place (6 points).

151 points

In Hungary, the choice of hard tires is not a success. Result: sixth place instead of victory, 17 points down. At Spa, Ferrari brought Leclerc to set the fastest lap of the race but he drove too fast in the pits and lost the position to Fernando Alonso. Two more points were lost. Finally, in Zandvoort, Ferrari missed two stops of Carlos Sainz and lost precious time. If we subtract the 10 seconds lost at the first stop and count the 5 second penalty, this is 6 points left aside.

If we add up all these points left on the way, Ferrari left, in theory, 151 points. Of course, this calculation is only hypothetical and does not take into account the reality of the race that could have happened if two cars were still in the race when the retirement took place.

In classification, these points are also taken from the opponent. Therefore, it is a fierce battle that we can attend without its mistakes being made by humans or machines. A little doubt for fans and more frustration, later, the reality is completely different.