This Range Rover Sport fights the elements!  (video)

This Range Rover Sport fights the elements! (video)

This Range Rover Sport, apparently with winter tires, doesn’t make it far on a snowy road….

Here is an event that the Range Rover car was not used to us! It is designed like a car build and power allowing him to be very brave landthe announcer is however ordered by a snow road !

Inside of video belowwe attend problems met the driver on a slope road. This is covered by a beautiful a layer of snowwhich is already partially closed, it is not possible for vehicles without equipment.

Winter tires or not?

According to the netizens who posted video for the query, the Series would be set Michelin Alpine tiresspecially designed model mountain state. Considering the difficulty with which he is trying to climb this relatively low slope, we have the right to ask ourselves the question…

So, driver’s fault ? If we analyze the method adopted, it is really not the best. A person in a 4X4 is constantly pushingacceleratorin spite of lose grip. The result: its wheels continue to slip and drive on ruts.


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