This Opel was converted into a motor home!

This Opel was converted into a motor home!

This IS2 crossover is designed for those looking for utility and comfort at the same time. A famous German tuner came up with the idea of ​​turning an Opel into a fully functional motorhome.

The holidays are fast approaching and more and more people are embarking on the adventure of a change of scenery in a motorhome. That’s good, because Irmscher has transformed an ordinary car into a beautiful motorhome. The company has created a car that can be used in everyday life and is suitable for camping holidays.

Irmscher, expert in fixing and customizing?

Irmscher is a German company that focuses on the development and evolution of certain vehicles : Peugeot, KIA and especially Opel. Recently, the brand has started of van conversion in the motor home both practical and modern. A few years earlier, in 2020, Irmscher had already created a fixed car, which was based on Opel, but Zafira. That creation was called IS3 Black Phantom, which comes from its very dark color. That said, the car is less equipped than the IS2.

Opel Cross IS2, the solution for those who love adventure!

From the outside, the Cross IS2 is nothing like a motorhome. It’s still a van not too big or too small, white in color, nothing special enough. On the other hand, the interior has been completely redone, nothing to do with the external appearance. Blue in colour, the interior of the car has been given an attractive makeover. A door hides a functional kitchen that includes a sink and refrigerator. The motorhome also has a gas stove and a small dining table. It also has beds that can be extended to increase the space. The interior is warm and cozy.

Cross IS2 was designed so that, during the week, the user they can do their usual shopping and at the end of the week, put on the road to discover unusual places.

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