This McLaren Saber is as crazy as it looks… and it’s for sale

This McLaren Saber is as crazy as it looks… and it’s for sale

There is good news and bad news about what you are seeing. Maid? It’s the McLaren Saber, in other words what happens when McLaren completely abandons the ramp. The bad news is that not only will he never be within your reach, but that you have almost no chance of meeting him one day. So you’ll have to content yourself with these few pictures.

In total, Special Operations McLaren built just 15 Sabers, all for American customers. Can’t put this amazing McLaren behind? Reminder: it’s a Senna, but with a biturbo V8 pushed to 835 hp, and which has undergone more or less cosmetic surgery. 70% of the pieces are unpublished. Only the monocoque, powertrain and glazed surfaces remain.

The counterpart to this new face, the McLaren Saber loses support compared to the Senna. And not just a little, because it gives three times less. If Senna it’s bad it doesn’t have a simple shape, there is (fortunately) a reason… A little less power and a bonus of 35 hp, which gives 351 km/h in top speed, which makes Saber the two-seater McLaren even faster.

And finally, this extravagant body has its own charm. The Saber completely captures the look of the full-size Hot Wheels, and that’s refreshing. Take seeds, gentlemen prepare.

You’re probably wondering the price, just to be sure it’s out of your budget. Do not stress, we are talking about a planned McLaren, hand-built in 15 copies, according to the hypercar for one million euros each, all production that has been sold, and 70% of new parts. All of that explains why broker Mecum Auctions estimates it won’t go for less than $5 million at its Aug. 18 Monterey auction.