this is why model names end with 8

this is why model names end with 8

Have you ever noticed that Peugeot brand model names all end with the number 8? We explain why!

With the exception of the Peugeot Rifter, Traveler and utility vehicles, all vehicles in the current Peugeot range carry it. names ending with the number 8. To understand why, we have to go back to 1929, when the Peugeot 201 arrived: this model was the first to launch example names of lion print, equipped three digits pronounced next to the middle zerothen more soonDouble zero for SUVs.

The first number (2) indicates the model category (here convertible city cars), while the last number (1) indicates the generation. The Peugeot 201 will then be replaced by the 202, itself replaced by the 203, then the 204, 205, 206, 207, then the 208 I… Which is replaced by the 208 II!

Peugeot model numbers: fixed numbers

As you can see, the history of this calculation obviously becomes more complicated at the beginning of the 2010s: in fact, the Peugeot 308 is about to be updated, except that the name “309” has already been used in 1980. Lion brand. finds itself in conflict: it has to important choicesince calling “310” the replacement of 308 will no longer make sense.

That’s when Peugeot decided “freeze” the last digit of its number to “8”, so that use the negative characteristics of his examples, which will now keep the same name every generation. An opportunity to clear up any confusion about the meaning of this term, faced by many of its competitors who keep the names of their models in time.

Peugeot model numbers: lucky number

This choice is also motivated by the fact that number 8 is a lucky charm in China, equal to luck and success. The Chinese are grabbing 8-digit phone numbers and license plates, but also 8-digit floor: and why not cars whose name ends with 8? Here is an additional opportunity that Peugeot wanted to take, to conquer the Asian market.

Now all the names of Peugeot models end with 8: we find for example the small city car 108, the city car 208, the urban SUV 2008, the compact 308, the compact SUV 3008, the SUV Coupe 408, the sedan 508, the family SUV 5008, or even the 9X8 hypercar! Some models, however, have a different naming structure, such as MPV and utility, among which we find for example Partner, Rifter, Expert or Traveler.

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