This is what the next Lamborghini Aventador would look like according to the DMC tuner

This is what the next Lamborghini Aventador would look like according to the DMC tuner

While Lamborghini is still in the process of developing a replacement for its famous Aventador, the designers of the tuning company DMC wanted to imagine how the supercar of the Taurus brand would look. And it looks a lot like Sian.

The Lamborghini Aventador bowed out this year and brought the latest in the traditional classic V12. We know it will be replaced by another supercar, this time with a hybrid-assisted V12. But we still don’t know what it will be exactly. However, we have a few spy photos and other examples to guide us. German tuner DMC has combined all these details to come up with its own vision for the next Aventador replacement. It is a name that you can call Revuelto, which is a name that Lamborghini has already trademarked, although it can be used for a different model.

If you think the car they envisioned is strikingly similar to the Sian, also based on the Aventador, at least from the front… You are not alone! The Y-shaped headlights, the hood scoop and the large air intakes in front of the rear wheels as well as the Miura-inspired ones behind the side windows… There are many things that make us think of Sian. As good as the Sian is, we hope the Aventador replacement isn’t a carbon copy, but we’re not worried. Lamborghini likes to be talked about.

New model in preparation

There is a further difference at the rear where DMC designers installed four rear pipes under the twin spoiler type and ditched the six Sian taillights for horizontal LED lights. Two cosmetic features seen on the hidden prototypes of the future Aventador that we have already seen on the Web thanks to the most curious photographers.

If the red color and the body-colored rear diffuser bother us, let’s just say that the real designers of Lamborghini will not make that mistake. And while DMC has opted to add a fixed rear wing, we’re guessing that kind of attachment will be reserved for the higher-performance version that will be delivered. Case to follow.