This futuristic electric scooter is inspired by Tesla and VanMoof

This futuristic electric scooter is inspired by Tesla and VanMoof

The British brand Bo Mobility is currently creating an electric scooter with futuristic lines, but also and above all inspired by Tesla and VanMoof. Delivery of the model is scheduled for June 2023.

Source: BoMobility

How can an electric scooter manufacturer stand out beyond having a fancy technical sheet? By design. And that’s exactly what Mo Mobility, a British startup founded in 2019 by former Williams F1 Advanced Engineering and Jaguar Land Rover, is doing.

For now, the Mo scooter can be reserved: but you will need to be patient, since the delivery will only take place in June 2023 – if the schedule and specifications are respected correctly. By then, the machine could make more than one eye for more than one due to its unique design.

All in a curve

To do this, Mobility relies on an internal aluminum chassis called “Monocurve”, because of the beautiful curve it creates between its deck and the handlebars. It’s all one: this strengthens this element of equality. The scooter provides a unique energy, especially marked by its slim and small side.

Oscar Morgan, CEO of the company, do not hesitate to speak where his teams have drawn their inspiration: Tesla on the one hand, known for its elegant and minimalist electric cars, VanMoof on the other, the Dutch manufacturer of electric bicycles whose image often stands in the middle of other circles.

In terms of features, Mo is equipped with a 500 W motor to provide a maximum speed of 39 km / h. Note, this speed is not approved in France for EPDMs (motorized private transport vehicles), which is 25 km/h. But the company from across the Channel guarantees, on its website, that it will comply with every legal framework.

The weight of 18 kg is the same – it is high – the machine is based on 10-inch wheels and a halo light system that should highlight the surroundings of the scooter. This car wants to be practical as the metal loop can be removed from the steering column to hang a bag, for example. On the other hand, no folding system is connected: storing it or transporting it in transport, is not ideal.

About 2000 books

In terms of freedom, count 50 km, even if a full test will have to be done to ensure this area of ​​action. Charging time is 3 hours. Finally, this MB relies on several security systems, from GPS to alarms and sending notifications. Remote software updates are in the menu.

Guaranteed for two years, this electric scooter is IP65 certified and can therefore ride in the rain. The official website lists the price at £1995 to buy, compared to £69 a month via subscription.

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