“This Ferrari F1-75 is truly amazing!”

“This Ferrari F1-75 is truly amazing!”

Jean Alesi says he is already under the Ferrari F1-75, the new Formula 1 seat designed by the Scuderia for the 2022 F1 world championship season.

The least we can say is that Scuderia Ferrari has innovated with its latest, whose forms are surprising aerodynamically.

At the beginning of the historic Formula 1 season, marked by major technical upheaval since 1983tifosi, including Jean Alesi, hope that the F1-75 will be the Ferrari that will return the Race Horse to the top three alongside Mercedes and Red Bull Racing.

This new Ferrari… it’s amazing, a real gemwonders Alesi, who drove for Ferrari for five seasons in the 1990s. He is very cute with a slightly worked muzzle. »

Just seeing that, the car is already interesting! I also hope it will do well and I can join last year’s battle between Mercedes and Red Bull, as I am confident both teams will be competing at the front of the pack again this year. »

Just as the new Red Bull, which was actually a show car, namely the FOM model, was not unique, this new Ferrari is a shocker! I think all the cars will be very interesting this year, because Formula 1 has changed almost 100% of its technical regulations! »

The first general practice is scheduled for this week, at the Circuit de Catalunya, from Wednesday to Friday.

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