This Ferrari 412 really hides … it’s a pick-up!  (+ photo)

This Ferrari 412 really hides … it’s a pick-up! (+ photo)

This Ferrari 412, priced at 24,000 euros, was transformed into a … pick-up during a British TV show!

To fix car for to improve it is good, but for changing in taking, it is more of a problem at once… And yet! In 1989the person became the owner of a Ferrari 412.

Unfortunately Italian carhe decided to do some change. Today this car is sold through the house Bonhams. Its price is estimated between 15,000 and 20,000 Pound Sterlingor medium 18,000 and 24,000 euros.

He takes V12 for Chevy V8

Ferrari 412 (see in ours slide show above) was released in 1989. It was at that time drawn from black but also with a full coupe body 4 seats. However, the person who bought the car made some changes that were already in doubt. First, he removed the motor 7.9 liter V12 yes Horsepower 335 replace it with … Rank V8!

The benefits of such a change? More convenience in the settings ofand carburetion. Problem: The Ferrari is not designed to carry a V8, longer than its Italian counterpart 12 cylinders. The approximate cutout perfectly fits the US enginenot so. Other changes, the natural black has been replaced by Red color.

Ferrari in a takeover mode!

On a British TV show The Last Wheels in 2012, X Elo and Will thus turning the race car into … Lift up! To do so, they moved C-columns forward but also cut back stem, the goal being to make a bucket. On the practical side, we will go back.

Sure, there is no door open the said file. To put the material back, you’ll have to do a little bit plant crossing the edge. Keep in mind, however, that this Ferrari pick-up does not no certificate of technical controls and that it cannot therefore theoretically revolve around the road.

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