This electric car is faster than a Formula 1 car

This electric car is faster than a Formula 1 car

McMurty Speirling does not exceed 240 km / h and still managed to do better time than Formula 1.

McMurty Speirling. This is the name of this hypercar directly from a science fiction film. Yet it is very true, this car has the ability to stand out in its shape, but also, and above all, with its sharp burst. Presented at the popular Goodwood high-speed festival in the UK, it broke the 23-year-old’s record at the famous mountain climb.

Driven by Max Chilton, a former Formula 1 driver, the car was able to complete the cycle on a story track in record time: 39.08 seconds. Enter the pass, a complete track record of the song. The best time ever was done by Nick Heidfeld in 41 seconds with a wheel of no more and no less than a Formula 1 car.

In detail, this car, 100% electric, is specialized in more than one field. While electric cars pull the reputation of being real heavy, these models can create minimal work by stepping on scales: less than 1000 kg. of over 1000 horses that provide a ratio of weight / strength over 1 Here again, here are the figures we are. most used to search in the queen categories of motorsport.

If the brand does not provide much information about the design of the car, McMurty nevertheless points out that the great specifics of this car are in one step, invisible from the outside. Everything happens under the car where two big fans create air to provide more power and thus allow the driver to launch the car at full speed in turns without fear of losing the grip.

McMurty: the latest version of the production?

According to company calculations, which is the only figure we have, the car will be able to produce more than 2 tons less, enough to give confidence to Max Chilton who is already very well behind the wheel. A very fast car in Goodwood, a small British car can one day find itself on our roads. The brand has certainly ensured that a version of the “traffic laws” was being drafted, but has not yet submitted any price or release date.

At high electronic speeds with a limit of 241 kilometers per hour, McMurty Speirling however should not be able to compete with the fastest structures in less disruptive circuits. Nordschleife Record, one of the most popular songs in the world so it should not be approached by a hypercar who will not be able to compete in a long straight return.