This electric car combines the advantages of a car and a scooter

This electric car combines the advantages of a car and a scooter

Nimbus One is an electric three-wheeled vehicle, which offers more comfort and safety than a scooter, while keeping compact dimensions.

Halfway between a three-wheeled scooter and a light quadricycle, like the Renault Twizy and the other Citroën Amis, Nimbus One is an electric vehicle that meets the needs of scooter users for weather protection, comfort and safety.

Nimbus One is tricycle it has two wheels at the front and one wheel at the back. It has a fully enclosed device, and includes several safety systems to meet these frequent needs of two-wheeler users.

Nimbus One: the benefits of a scooter without the disadvantages

Like their two-wheeled counterparts, Nimbus One even leans in turns to increase its maneuverability: this operation is automatic, which makes the car even more. safe and easy to drive for newbies. According to its American manufacturer, Nimbus One has a slim design that allows it to be parked anywhere, and is only a quarter of the size of a car, with a width of 86 cm and a length of 2.3 meters.

And even if the technical paper is not yet approved, Nimbus advertises a high speed of 80 km/halong with a freedom of 150 km thanks to the 9 kWh battery. This can be dispensed with to enable charging at home: recharging takes just over an hour with a fast charger, and just over 5 hours with a wall plug.

Nimbus One: automotive accessories

Inside, there is a driver’s seat, as well as a small space behind to store personal effects, or to ride thanks to the passenger thanks to a very small flight seat: the large size refuses! Attachment points for the child seat are also available on board.

Equipment level, there is a Bluetooth speaker, a front airbag, a heating system, or even ABS and ESP. The forward collision warning system and other features will be added later, through over-the-air software updates. Air conditioning is offered as an option.

Nimbus One: in Europe in 2024

Reservations for Nimbus One are already open on the Nimbus website, subject to a deposit payment of 100 dollars (98 euros). The price of Nimbus One is set at 9,980 US dollars, equivalent toapproximately 9,820 Eurosand is also available for rent for 200 dollars (197 euros) per month

The first delivery is expected in the third quarter of 2023 in the United States, while the model should land in Europe in the first quarter of 2024.

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