This company is going international

This company is going international


I am Francois Guay. Source: Smart & Biggar website

Smart & Biggar announces today that it will join IPH Limited, a global group of innovation companies. This is the first acquisition of IPH outside the Asia-Pacific region. This idea of ​​joining an international group is not new to Smart & Biggar.

“It’s something we’ve been thinking about doing for a while, because intellectual property is a very international field. Most of our clients are companies that support patent applications in several countries,” explains Mr. Francois Guaypartner at Smart & Biggar.

It was the IPH group that approached the Canadian company. “We got to know them, because their habits are very similar to ours. These are often century-old department stores that are well-known and have a similar clientele to ours. We saw that there is a good opportunity to go international,” adds Me Guay.

The new entities will continue to operate under the current name of Smart & Biggar following the closing of the transaction, which will take place in September 2022.

“Before entering into this contract, we knew that the companies of the IPH group kept their independence and their own identity. It is very important for them to keep our name and our way of managing things,” says the partner.

Upgrade the service version

For Smart & Biggar, this alliance will enable them to improve their service delivery and stimulate the growth of their operations worldwide. “We want to occupy more space in the Canadian market to offer our services to a larger number of customers,” adds Me Guay.

Currently, the company has offices in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. “We also know that some of our customers will grow and then apply for patents in several countries. It will be easier for us to give them a chance by having international partner companies”.

By becoming a member of the IPH group, Smart & Biggar will have access to a network of expertise in 25 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. “We look forward to continuing to help our customers in Canada and around the world protect and exploit their intellectual and technology-related assets,” he said. Matthew Zischkasenior partner of Smart & Biggar.

For its part, IPH is proud to welcome Smart & Biggar to its group of companies. “We are pleased to welcome the Smart & Biggar team to IPH. The firm enjoys a unique global reputation as Canada’s leading IP firm,” said Andrew Blattman, Managing Director and CEO of IPH.