This Chinese Car Is the Closest Tesla Model 3 (And It’s Cheaper)

This Chinese Car Is the Closest Tesla Model 3 (And It’s Cheaper)

Chinese manufacturer Changan has unveiled one of its most Tesla-inspired vehicles. It shows and not just a little.

While the risk of seeing a Changan rolling into France anytime soon is slim, the Chinese brand could make a lot of noise. The state-owned automaker has actually launched a sedan that does more than take inspiration from the Model 3, as it copies it in a bad way. Indeed, never before will a Tesla replica set the bar as high as this new Shenlan SL03.

This very pronounced push could be limited to the front end of the car, which is very similar in design, but it clearly goes beyond that. Therefore, except for the length (10 cm again), Shenlan SL03 has the same dimensions as Model 3. Its length, width and even its wheel are the same. This similarity can stop in the external appearance of the car. Not so. Unsurprisingly, the SL03 has opted for a very stripped down cabin (which is generally not common in the Chinese market) in the middle which floats… the impressive main screen in landscape format. The operating system, its features and even the user interface, again, have been copied with incredible care. As you will have understood, any resemblance to real cars or cars that already exist is optional.

Only one difference: the price

Even in terms of performance, the manufacturer Changan seems to have made the California sedan its standard model, at least in terms of autonomy (515 km or 705 km). These values ​​are very close to the Model 3 Standard and Long Range, the only two versions available in China. The path to Shenlan SL03 to CATL, a Chinese battery manufacturer that also owns Tesla equipment, is certainly not small in this proximity.

Finally, the biggest difference between the Chinese sedan and its counterpart concerns the price. In China, the Model 3 is sold for 279,900 yuan, or 40,000 euros. In turn, the Shenlan S03 is shown at 183,900 yuan, or 26,000 euros. Changan, its manufacturer, seems to be particularly motivated by this pricing since a few hours after its formalization, the SL03 already had 15,000 orders, i.e. the company’s target monthly production capacity once the first deliveries begin. the end of the year.

Of course, this is not the first case of alleged copying of Tesla by a Chinese brand. An American manufacturer, for example, accused Xpeng of copying its interface and even its website. The dispute has even taken the two companies to court, with Tesla also accusing Xpeng of stealing some information about its Autopilot via a former undercover employee in California. Obviously, Changan did not go to such trouble.