This cheap mobile phone tariff can do just that

This cheap mobile phone tariff can do just that

LogiTel currently offers exclusive tariffs for two types of mobile phones and L and XL data volumes for LTE speeds. You can get an allmobil Flat L with 8 gigabytes of data for EUR 7.99 per month and the XL Flat with 10 gigabytes for EUR 11.99. For both tariffs, you can browse and call as much as you want in the Vodafone stable network.

Euro 7.99 per month for 8 giggata of data volume plus a flat rate for all net

yes allmobil Flat L with 8 gigabytes of data volume targets all users who do not want high monthly costs for their mobile phone tariffs. Here you will find the required amount of data for 7.99 euros (instead of the usual 24.99 euros), which you can easily use, stream music and use social networks wherever you are. If you would like to stream more videos and series in high quality wherever you are, you should use a higher tariff. From time to time you can also use this to watch videos wherever you are.

The 8 GB tariff also includes a fixed rate for the entire network for all German mobile networks and the German landline network. Of course, EU roaming is also possible here. The 9.9 euro single connection price is reasonable – the minimum contract period is 24 months. If you take your old phone number later, you will receive a 10 euro switch bonus. You can adjust this later against your base fee or price. connection.

Would you like something more? 10 giggles for 11.99 euros

Do you need more data because you would like to watch the video a few times a month anywhere? Then he could allmobil Flat XL in LTE network be something for you Here there are 10 gigabytes of data volume and monthly cost is 11.99 euros. The price of SMS and phone is also included here. The one-time fee of EUR 19.99 is charged as the connection price. And with a 10 GB tariff, you can expect the EUR 10 switch bonus if you go with your phone number.

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